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Space Office: Christmas Party

It's Christmas in Space and the party must go on.

Space Office: Domestic Issues

In the latest installment of Space Office, our hero Gayle is realizing exactly how things work in his new place of work.

Space Office: Close Encounters

In this installment of Space Office, our hero Gayle gets his first taste of office life amongst the stars.

Space Office: The Smemo

In the first installment of our new weekly comic strip, space awaits.

Tips for the (Fellow) Unemployed #6

alcoholism-2.jpgEditor’s Note: Welcome to Steve’s Word newest weekly series “Tips for the (Fellow) Unemployed”. Please embrace our newbie contributor Paul Elicker to the site. He has his own site with hilarious writings and even funnier drawings. We asked him if we could rip off some of his material and he graciously accepted our overture. You can find this piece and much more on Paul Elicker’s blog

WAKE UP you just feel asleep at your desk because you’re unemployed – but you’ve aged 40 years in 3 hours! These are my tips for getting through the Time/Space rift that is unemployment!

While you’re unemployed, money will be as scarce as confidence. You can find ways to be thrifty: exercise is always free, and if you eat your roommates’ soap you don’t have to spend money on food. Still, odds are your brain is atrophying from the dire mix of boredom and despair. You need something to do, something to ease the pain…

Tip #6 Stay off the bottle!

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