Something Unexpected

The CW's new show "Life Unexpected" isn't for everyone, but there might be something here.

Off Target

Human Target, a new show on Fox left a lot to be desired, but does provide a lesson in how not to make a good procedural.

Watch "Archer"

Last Thursday, FX premiered a new animated show about spies called Archer and you should be watching this show.

Blue Mountain Suck

In case you weren't sure how vapid and douchey dudes are, Spike's Blue Mountain State is here to make it clear.

Peacocks and Pea-brains

The Late Night world is coming down around us. Leno won't go, Conan is pissed, and Matt's here to attempt to decipher what's happening.

Lessons from Pilot Season 2009 (And Late Premiers)

Matt brings us some final thoughts on Pilot Season 2009, and pilots in general. Plus, reviews of four late premiers.

Pilot Watch: Round Up 1

Part of Matt's continuing obsession with television means watching the pilot of every new show. Here is Part 1 of his comprehensive coverage of pilot season.

In Defense of “NYC Prep”

nyc_prep.jpgIn last week's Sunday Styles section of the New York Times, a column ran about the new Bravo reality series "NYC Prep" which follows the exploits of a group of five kids who attend posh Manhattan private schools (and one who attends Stuyvesant, the city's most selective public school).  The column's main point is that the parents of students like the ones depicted on the show and the administrators of the schools that they go to do not like the show or the image of students attending prep schools in New York City that it creates.  Parents, administrators and other prep students are quoted in the article, mostly under the cover of "fear of blow-back" anonymity, making the claim that the kids on the show are an aberration, that their very conspicuous consumption of alcohol, clothing and drama are atypical amongst their peers.  There is a problem, though.  While the article is correct in its assessment of the show as entertainment, for it truly is awful, it has missed the boat on its adherence to reality.  Which is to say, the show is about as horrid as it is true; in its depiction of Upper East Side-dwelling über-rich kids, it is totally and completely accurate.

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