Okay ladies and germs, Command+D is here again with every one's favorite game: REAL OR NOT REAL!!! If you don't know how to play, here's the deal. You click on each of the ten links below and try to determine if they are real genuine photos, actions, stories, etc. OR if they are fake, photoshopped, scripted, or otherwise untrue. Then you put your two cents on each of these links into a comment and we compare notes. The beauty is, no one knows the answers. Okay, here are the links!

Command+D XXXIX: No Trick, Just Treat

You know Command+D is your friend because he's never let you down. He wouldn't ever hurt your feelings or trick you. That's why this week's Command+D is all treats. That's right. These little nuggets of goodness are just miscellaneous fun/funny stuff for you to enjoy like the sweet, sweet internet candy that it is.

Command+D: How About Some Information, Please?

pa.pngLost.  In a dream.  Don't know which way to go.  If you are all that you seem, then baby, I'm movin' way too slow.  I've been a fool before.  Wouldn't like to get my foot caught in the slammin' door.  How about some information, pleeeeeeease?

1.   Straight up now

2.   Tell me

3.   Do you really wanna

Command+D: Old School

old-school.jpgHey, look fellas!  Just 'cause Command+D was born last year doesn't mean he doesn't have fond memories of bygone decades, nay, centuries!  You see, the internet forms Command+D's collective memory of all things that happened in the past. 

Command+D: You Wish You Knew

instruction.jpgHey there Command+D'ers of the world.  Now that we've all calmed a bit from the temporary INSANITY here at Stevesword, Command+D is here to get your head back in

Command+D: Madness

stop-the-madness.pngWhat is madness?  Is Command+D mad?

1.   Is this video?

2.   Is this page's comment section?

3.   Is this media?

4.   Is this construction crew?

5.   Is the banking crisis?

6.   Is our culture?

7.   Are you sure?

Command+D: Crimes and Criminals

gates_mug_shot.jpgCommand+D wants to take a minute and step back and consider crime and criminals.  Somewhere in these interwebs folktales are told of these criminals.  This week's Command+D is in honor(?) of the men and women who have chosen to depart from the norms of our society far enough to become one of "them" the criminals and to a f

Command+D: Riddle Me This

Rodin Thinker Command+DPop quiz, Command+D'ers!  Get your pen and pencil and take the following quizzes.  I promise that while some of these are objective with right and wrong answers, most are totally subjective and probably tota

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