Monday Hangover - 8.10.09

wall-e- What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

I really wanted to rent a Zipcar and haul some bullshit to the Goodwill, but unfortunately for me I was too broke to afford it so my stuff will occupy the couch for another week (or two).

- Any updates to your Netflix queue?

I still have Tron from a few months ago.  What can I say?  The Netflix online has totally taken over the disc list.  Instant Wall-E and Persepolis overrides the Dennis Hopper "classic" Flashback on DVD time after time.

- How's that major life decision going?

None of your goddamn business!  Just kidding.  I've got approximately five and a half months to complete a certain film.  Still not sure if that's gonna happen, but I'm not gonna give up with out a fight.

Monday Hangover - 8.3.09

venusWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Top of my weekend list was to have been at the McCarren Pool Party in Williamsburg, or whatever they're calling it now that it's been displaced in favor of an actual pool (boo...). The lineup included Deerhunter and No Age, two bands I'm pretty high on. Unfortunately the majority of the day, much like the majority of the summer, was intense rain and thunder storms. By the time it had cleared up I was due at work for a light Sunday night session of loading footage until 10:30pm.

Monday Hangover - 7.13.09

elephant manWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?


I was looking MOST forward to going to this party with these Finns I know from my job converting DVDs from Euro PAL to AUFAT (Australian Format). They said it was going to be in Park Slope but then when I get there I called my friend Manny the Finn and it turns out the party is actually in the park. So there we are, all standing under this footbridge in Prospect Park smoking weed and drinking this booze from a Gain detergent bottle that Manny said was a traditional Finnish drink but I think it was maybe just Gain. Anyways, I wake up the next morning in a tree covered in vomit that wasn't mine because I'm pretty dang sure I didn't eat hot dogs the day before. But at least I smelled good.


Any additions to your netflix queue?


Back on Top: Using the Teachings of the Karma Sutra to Further Your Professional Career

Monday Hangover - 7.6.09

enceladusAny additions to your netflix queue?

Meatballs III, Caddyshack II, and Atonement

How's that big life decision going?

It’s going great!  I’m still a virgin!

What story from the current news cycle is bugging you?

Stfu about Enceladus already.

Monday Hangover - 6.29.09

dream_littleWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Oh my stars, there was so much I was looking forward to this weekend, but I guess if I have to decide what I was MOST looking forward to it would probably be sleeping in a bed. You see, I live in my brother's attic in Philadelphia these days but I booked a week of work in New York City. Luckily, I have some gracious and accommodating friends that let me crash on their couches, but nothing compares to the comforts of a bed. Granted, I still haven't slept in my own bed since the night before I put it in a Manhattan Mini-Storage unit in May, but a bed this weekend was nice. Also, getting some action.

Monday Hangover - 6.15.09

tavernwhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Look, I’m a simple man with simple desires and an achin’ back that just won’t quit. Truth be told, I was just looking forward to kickin’ back and watching Pat and Vanna in the waiting room at Dr. Shit-for-Brains’s office.


any additions to your netflix queue?


Scam alert! I watch my movies the old-fashioned way. I wait three months for them to come out at the dollar theatre down on Maple. The way movies were meant to be seen.

Monday Hangover - 6.8.09

paddy_wagonwhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

I was most looking forward to getting drunk and dancing my ass off with all the cute hipstertito and hapa boys at our neighborhood's new retro queer dance night on Friday.  But before I got properly drunk and lecherous, I got all chivalrous and decided to walk a really pretty girl home so she wouldn't get raped in a community vegetable garden.  Upon returning to the club after my gentlemanly gesture, I was not allowed in, as it was 12:45 a.m. and the dance party was due to end in fifteen minutes (nearby residents had already phoned in noise complaints, and a paddy wagon sat ominously in the parking lot -- no joke). Neither drunk nor danced-out, I glumly noted that what was supposed to be the first great dance night of the summer turned out to be a harsh reminder of how unbelievably fucking lame Boston is.  Am I really going to waste another year of my quickly-fading twenties in a city where the club nights end at 1:00 with police attempting to round me up and arrest me for using my outside voice?  No.  I tried to run past the bouncers, but they grabbed me, and into the paddy wagon I went  Ironically, the pretty girl’s would-be rapist was in there too.  To my delight, he raped me.

Monday Hangover - 5.4.09

short_cutsWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

The highlight of my weekend was supposed to be seeing my friend's band "Black Taxi" play at Mercury Lounge on Saturday. This would be their second headlining show there in the past couple months, and also the second time they'd sold it out. Clearly my use of 'supposed to be' would lead one to the correct assumption I did not make the show. Stupid (really lovely) Steve's Word people made me get DRUNK Friday night, effectively rendering me useless all weekend.

Any additions to your netflix queue?

Apparently after the above referenced evening with what I believe comprises the majority of the Steve's Word staff I decided to add the collected works of Robert Altman. I don't think he was discussed once that night nor did the conversation ever touch on anything more profound than whether it was acceptable to mix jaggermeister and tequila.I guess I just wanted to pretend that something positive could come out of the night. It looks like I also added Hot Rod. Go figure. Let's be honest, that'll get pushed to the top of the queue while Short Cuts languishes at the bottom for a few months before finally being axed altogether.

Monday Hangover Questionnaire

brooklyn Our hope is that one day this questionnaire will be as famous as the bullshit questionnaire that James Lipton asks at the end of 'Inside the Actors' Studio'.

What about the previous work week were you most looking forward to getting away from?
-I was just excited to get to NYC!

What were you most looking forward to this weekend?
-Shooting the Brooklyn installment of "Key To Your City" and of course meeting the boys from Steve's Word.

Monday Hangover Questionnaire

ghost_town.jpgElevators, napping and hipsters dancing all play an integral role in this week's Hangover.

- What about the previous work week were you most looking forward to getting away from?

As a freelancer, this is a difficult question to answer right now.  Today is the last day of a three-month stint at a place I very much enjoy working at, but it's be

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