Beer Bracket 2009 - Week 1

avery_bracket_01What are the two greatest things in the world? Yep. Beer and tournaments. I can assure you that it is not poetry and science. We love drinking beer and crossing names off brackets more than anything else and you do too. So, riding on the coattails of our much successful March Madness tournament pool, we dreamed up a fanciful sequel to the old leather pumpkin single elimination competition on a rare and beautiful afternoon when nearly all Steve's Word contributors and groupies were in the same room.  After several hours filled with laughs, brainstorming, and having to poop in public restrooms the inspired idea was born. The field of 64 was carefully chosen by our esteemed beer committee; Avery "Tex" Booker, Mitchell "Kevin Arnold" Frye, Elle "The Girl" Scoots, and Chase "The Kid" Booker. In order to make the tournament more closely reflect the proceedings of the NCAA Basketball tournament, the seeding, like all important decisions, was determined by someone horribly underqualified. That annointed ignoramus was Tim Spellman. Click here to see the bracket. For the next four Wednesdays we're going to be giving you each region's winner as determined by our experts. When all is said and done, there will be a massive party with only the Final Four Beers to drink. Our judges and the party attendees will decide the champion of the 1st Annual Steve's Word Beer Bracket through a series of rows, fisticuffs, and make-up sex. Without further ado, let's have Avery get things started.

The Hangover: Who Are These People?

parentsWho are these people? Did you just here that? You actually believe that? These are questions that I've been asking lately about a certain type of McCain/Palin supporter. I have heard similar questions and sentiments espoused by many a friend and colleague too. No, I'm not talking about the racist, uneducated, prejudiced, reactionaries like this.

Irreconcilable Differences

aufThere's a new tradition starting to form in this country among a large portion of Blue State Americans. Its a new quad-annual happening. Like the Olympics or The World Cup or a birthday party for those unfortunate enough to be born on February 29th. What is this new and growing tradition?: threatening to leave the country if Whats-his-face is elected. You or someone you know has said as much. People, myself included, are feeling the urge even stronger about it this go-around. We use phrases like "but this time I really mean it," or "if my grandmother was born in England, I think I can live there," or "what's the fastest way to marry a foreigner." But before you offer yourself up to some reverse mail-order bride (or groom) service, I'd like to offer my opinions as to why I think people feel this way more strongly than ever, pondering the possibility of actually following through on this dalliance, and an alternate solution that almost came to be 150 years ago that I think we should reinvigorate.

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