Open and Shut

Andre Agassi's memoir "Open" is more than just some ghost-written piece of junk. Caren Colodny, relying on her own experiences as a competitive tennis player, gives us a look inside.

2009 World Series Preview: My Dream/My Nightmare

Sports is elation and pain, jubilation and sadness. For Steve's Word's editors, the 2009 World Series match up makes this even more true than usual. In a rare dual column, Tim and Matt expound on their feelings heading into the Fall Classic.

Positive Papi (Duh)

ortiz.jpgAt 2 pm yesterday afternoon, the New York Times broke news that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested positive for steroids in 2003, making them them the sixth and seventh names to come to light as being on that list.  In case you don't know, this list is the result of a test that Major League Baseball conducted to see if it needed to implement league-wide testing for performance enhancers, enough players tested positive in that 2003 survey for the league to start cracking down on the problem and testing regularly.  (I wrote a little more about it in this February article about Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez's admission of guilt, if you need some more info.)  Needless to say, this is devastating news to the people of Red Sox Nation (I'm not a member), as two beloved members of the 2004 team that broke the curse have now fallen, though Ramirez has recently lost some of his luster after serving a 50 game suspension this season for testing positive for a female fertility drug, the kind of drug that one would take if they needed their body to restart the production of testosterone.  Either way, it doesn't seem like baseball's steroid problem is going to go away any time soon, and it's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Thoughts on Plaxico

plaxico.jpgI root for the New York Football Giants and as such I've been doing some thinking about the recent Plaxico Burress situation.  If you don't know, Burress is the star wide receiver who shot himself in the leg while at a club when the gun slipped from the waistband of his sweatpants.  Obviously, he's a total genius.  Absolulute Class A intellect, I mean, it's not like he mak

10 Worst Marriage Proposals

worst_proposalAs the staff here at Steve's Word progresses from being a group of fun-loving, socially jilted men in their mid-twenties to fun-loving, socially jilted men in their early-late-twenties our concerns have shifted a bit. All of our friends are either married or are getting married. Thankfully, none of us are yet, but the topic is constantly in our realm of existence and it needs to be mocked. I've put together a list of the ten worst ways you can propose to your sweetheart because, if nothing else, we're here to help.

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