Yeah Yeah Yeahs Concert Review

karenOn Wednesday July 29th I went to go see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. The band gave an excellent performance. The set list was expertly balanced. The extensive range of songs at the YYY's command, old and new, fast and slow, hard and soft were woven with care. Karen O is a rock star like no other who delights in her own performance. Don't misinterpret me. This isn't to say she's full of herself. She emits a joy and exuberance that communicates she's having as much fun performing as the crowd is having just being there. Sounds like I had a hell of a time, right? Wrong.

Monday Hangover - 6.29.09

dream_littleWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Oh my stars, there was so much I was looking forward to this weekend, but I guess if I have to decide what I was MOST looking forward to it would probably be sleeping in a bed. You see, I live in my brother's attic in Philadelphia these days but I booked a week of work in New York City. Luckily, I have some gracious and accommodating friends that let me crash on their couches, but nothing compares to the comforts of a bed. Granted, I still haven't slept in my own bed since the night before I put it in a Manhattan Mini-Storage unit in May, but a bed this weekend was nice. Also, getting some action.

The Pleasures and Punishments of Patience: Kings of Leon’s “Only by the Night”

kolAccording to Rolling Stone Magazine's April cover, Kings of Leon are "America's hottest band" right now. After seeing them live this past Saturday at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, I'd have to agree. Oh, and who does Rolling Stone think they are putting a Rock 'n Roll band, let alone a good band, on their cover? Are people not into The Hills, Britney, or Lindsay Lohan any more? Or worse, do all those people who like that crap like Kings of Leon? Is this good or bad? Shit, I've been known to watch The Hills myself. Am I pop culture puppet whose likes and dislikes are masterfully controlled by the mass media or am I a hip and "with it" guy who uses all the resources that are available to him to decide for himself what is actually worthy art and entertainment? You can't hate on things just because they're popular or you liked them before they got huge. So what if you have to endure 20,000 drunk high school kids and frat boys when you go to see one of your favorite bands? Don't you want them to make money so they can keep making music? Wait a second, this isn't what I wanted to talk about at all. Or is it?

The Siren’s Song of Another City

seattleCall it wanderlust. Call it boredom. Call it fear of commitment. Call it what you will, but it's time to come clean. I've got a wandering eye for other cities. It's just time to move on. Or is it? I've been ruminating on this for quite awhile. Years in fact. It seemed like a road trip along the West Coast last year was the worst it could get.

10 Worst Marriage Proposals

worst_proposalAs the staff here at Steve's Word progresses from being a group of fun-loving, socially jilted men in their mid-twenties to fun-loving, socially jilted men in their early-late-twenties our concerns have shifted a bit. All of our friends are either married or are getting married. Thankfully, none of us are yet, but the topic is constantly in our realm of existence and it needs to be mocked. I've put together a list of the ten worst ways you can propose to your sweetheart because, if nothing else, we're here to help.

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