Top 5 Reasons Avatar is Awesome

Avatar would be a great way to kick-off any year and the fact that it coincided with my movie watching resolution just added to my enchantment. If you have not yet had the joy of seeing this movie, you must. And here are the reasons why: The top 5 reasons Avatar is awesome.

Staying Wild

Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are and Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox got Matt thinking about what it means to take books for children and make them into movies for adults.

Monday Hangover - 6.29.09

dream_littleWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Oh my stars, there was so much I was looking forward to this weekend, but I guess if I have to decide what I was MOST looking forward to it would probably be sleeping in a bed. You see, I live in my brother's attic in Philadelphia these days but I booked a week of work in New York City. Luckily, I have some gracious and accommodating friends that let me crash on their couches, but nothing compares to the comforts of a bed. Granted, I still haven't slept in my own bed since the night before I put it in a Manhattan Mini-Storage unit in May, but a bed this weekend was nice. Also, getting some action.

Welcome to the Talkosphere

ext1.JPGI was at a movie the other day when a woman sat down next to me five minutes before the film ended. Five minutes. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, she then started talking. To me. She leaned in close to me and in a loud whisper asked me how long ago it had started. So I told her, “an hour and forty-five minutes ago” barely able to hide my disgust and anger. She could only muster a weak “Oh” in return and then I went in for the kill. “Yes," I told her, “I hope you enjoy the end credits.” Then she told me I was a rude young man and the guy behind me asked me to quiet down. And I spent the last five minutes of the movie wondering why there aren’t enough 19 year-old kids to monitor the halls so people can't just wander in and out of theaters at their leisure.

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