• Command+D XLI: End of the Decade

    It's the last day of the decade and who better to ring in the New Year than your old pal, Command+D.

  • Strong Accusations

    douches.jpgThe connection between TV and Internet got a little closer on Sunday night.  I'm not sure if you're aware, but college humor dot com (that's right, no hyperlink, suck it, Ed) was recently given a timeslot by MTV and their show premiered last Sunday night.  Since I was staring at a black hole then, the College Humor Show (that's the actual name) was DVR-ed and I just got to it last night.  In order to dispel any prejudices and biases up front, I want to mention that even though College Humor is technically a competitor and objectively more successful than we are, my take on their pilot is purely critical in nature.

  • Ask Mr. Manners, with Buenos the Cat

    Buenos is back to help out a young person in need of some work place advice.

  • Command+D XL: The ****est Ever

    Command+D is all about exploration right? Well, Command+D himself just realized that we haven't yet really delved into the most extreme places on the net... yet! This week, we're gonna take you there!

  • Ask Mr. Manners, With Buenos the Cat

    Buenos, what's with this unending cold front? Does it have anything to do with global warming? - Freezing In Florida

  • The Decade in Politics

    From a electing as president a bumbling, underachieving, overprivileged bafoon who set our progress back an incalculable number of years to electing a Black, Muslim who wasn't even born in this country (jk), the political landscape has changed markedly over the last 10 years and Jeff Larson has something to say about it.

  • Space Office: Slunch

    Gayle is overwhelmed with how to get his company into social media. He also needs to eat.

  • Space Office: The Hangover

    Gayle got a little carried away at lunch. Now he's paying the price.

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