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This fancy fellow is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of Steve's Word. Tim recently moved to Brooklyn, NY where he enjoys listening to cars honk at each other while they merge onto the on-ramp outside of his apartment.


Articles by this Author

  • Boo The Wave
    There comes a moment in every major league baseball game when some group of nerds tries to start The Wave. You’re sitting there enjoying the game, sipping on a cold $8 commemorative cup of Bud Lite,...
  • Vanilla is Delicious
    Why are people always hating on vanilla? What gives? The general consensus is that vanilla is plain and boring. On my last date, I opted to treat this seemingly rational young lady to some Haagen-...
  • How to Blow a Done Deal
    The other day I got a surprising letter from one of our faithful readers. Allow me to paraphrase, if I may: Dear Tim @ Steve’s Word, Love the site. You’re my favorite writer. Keep up the good work....
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