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Articles by this Author

  • Baby Soft
    As you know, Steve’s Word is a website mainly run by straight suburban white dudes now living in large American cities, and as such, we’re constantly concerned about “the next big thing in fashion.”...
  • Switching to Men
    I swear to god having a man’s fingers molest my head and assure me that I look good feels absolutely terrific. For years I’ve been dealing with these women who in addition to possessing damn near...
  • Cold Feet
    Some guys just can't commit to anything. Starring: Brendan Russel & Ranee Vespi Written & Directed by Tim Spellman.
  • Talkin’ Spotes with Huck and Jim
    As America's undisputed leader in News, Entertainment, Relationship Advice, Art Criticism, Business, and Fashion, Steve's Word proudly adds Sports Commentary to this golden list. Read along as two...
  • Uggs: An Investigation
    Should I be wary of women who wear Ugg boots? or What can I infer about women who wear Ugg boots? It’s no secret that Ugg boots have recently surpassed Kangaroo burgers as Australia’s number one...
  • Neal Botchko: Ingenue Reporter
    Aspiring actor and journalist, Neal Botchko hits the streets to ask some folks a very important question. Directed & Edited by Tim Spellman. Photography by Jeff Larson.
  • First Date
    Ah, first dates.
  • UPN Review
    Now that UPN and the WB are joining forces to take over the universe, I figured I better rush this article off the backburner and put it on your plate while it’s still hot. If there is one solitary...
  • McDonald’s Loves Black People
    McDonald’s is cranking out some sweet beats these days. Do they have a CD out? If you’ve recently tuned into an NBA game or UPN you have, with 100% certainty, seen a McDonald’s commercial. Take...
  • Beer Pong: Test of Manliness
    The game of Beer Pong, also known as beirut to many, is the most manliest sport that has ever been invented. Only men can truly play it.
  • Keeping My Life Simple
    I like to keep my life simple. Speaking in idioms and colloquialisms is but one of the disciplines I practice to preserve a straightforward approach to life and its complexities. It’s kind of like...
  • Courage, Strength, Balding
    First off, I’m not balding; I just have a long forehead. Secondly, balding is a celebration of manhood. Only man has the innate ability to shed the burdensome wool helmet widely known as hair. Let’s...
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