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Molly is gentle young soul with a deep devotion to all things four-legged. She recently went pro with her love of animals by enrolling in veterinary school.


Articles by this Author

  • Monday Hangover - 6.1.09
    • What were you most looking forward to this weekend? Honestly, all I really wanted to do this weekend was help get some animals adopted on Saturday and keep it sober until hitting the Bolt Bus to...
  • How to Survive a Trip to Africa Without Too Much Crying
    I was five years old when I laid eyes on my first National Geographic, sitting atop a mass of other magazines in the living room of our house in North Carolina.  The cover boasted a male lion...
  • Small Town America: Arkansas Edition
    Ever since Sarah Palin became the new Britney Spears, there's been a lot of talk about "small town America."  Apparently, "we grow good people" there, people with much better values than the...
  • Talkosphere Part Deux: Fanboys Edition - Taking Batman Seriously, at 12.01 am
    Midnight screenings of blockbusters are a weird phenomena, if not for the dedicated and exorbitant fan frenzy that abruptly appears as every person aged 17-35 sidles out of the woodworks to buy...
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