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Matt is Co-Editor of this fine site. He has lived in New York City for his entire life and has never once touched anything on the subway with his hands. He's just an ordinary man trying to quietly live his life but these damn thoughts keep getting in the way.


Articles by this Author

  • Lessons from Pilot Season 2009 (And Late Premiers)
    Matt brings us some final thoughts on Pilot Season 2009, and pilots in general. Plus, reviews of four late premiers.
  • Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Chatcast 2
    Back after a couple of weeks, Jaclyn dismisses and Matt rants about the latest Seinfeld reunion episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • 2009 World Series Preview: My Dream/My Nightmare
    Sports is elation and pain, jubilation and sadness. For Steve's Word's editors, the 2009 World Series match up makes this even more true than usual. In a rare dual column, Tim and Matt expound on...
  • On the Other Side of 30, Still Unaware of My Limits
    Matt turns 30 and hilarity ensues. Also some crying.
  • Pilot Watch: Round Up 3
    The final installment of Matt's comprehensive review of all the Fall TV Pilots.
  • Pilot Watch: Round Up 2
    Matt Toder watches a lot of TV. In fact, he watches every single new pilot every Fall. Here's part 2 of his 3 part series of reviews on this year's pilots.
  • Letter from the Editors: Just Who the Hell is Steve Anyway?
    Welcome to the new and improved Steve's Word, we're so glad you found your way here. In this introduction to the new site, we finally answer the question that's been on everyone's mind since Day 1.
  • Pilot Watch: Round Up 1
    Part of Matt's continuing obsession with television means watching the pilot of every new show. Here is Part 1 of his comprehensive coverage of pilot season.
  • Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Chatcast 1
    Our resident Upper West Siders debate the postmodern adventure that is the Seinfeld cast reunion on this season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," in an unedited gmail chat.
  • Monday Hangover - 8.17.09
    • What were you most looking forward to this weekend? It's a toss up between heading to the beach and the season three premiere of Mad Men.  So basically, that's being outside interacting with the...
  • The Breakfast Schlub
    Besides the fact that I'm a week late, there's really no reason that I should be saying dick about the life and work of John Hughes.  I say this not because I'm biased against him or I need to...
  • Glenn Greenwald, You Broke My Heart
    I've been reading Salon's Glenn Greenwald about as long as I've been intently following news and politics commentary on the web, and over the last three plus years, I've become quite a fan of his...
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