Kate Hawthorne

Kate Hawthorne is currently the only Steve's Word contributor that lives in Grand Junction, CO. Not only does she write for us, but she's been an enthusiastic supporter from the get go. Let us all tip our hats to the lady out West.


Articles by this Author

  • Monday Hangover - 6.22.09
    Following the prolific and always titillating Jojo Timmins is a tall order since my main contributions to Steve's Word are a few pseudonymous comments. Oh well, here it is: What were you most...
  • Decisioneering 2008: Our Intrepid Reporter at the DNC
    Hello Stevesword,  Kate Hawthorne here, offering my reflections on the DNC.  I hit the RNC too, but thanks to some beloved politicos, that's been covered, leaving me the chance to give you a more...
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