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Jaclyn is our resident Pop Culture Decontructionist. She is also a lawyer and has served as counsel for Steve's Word, representing us in a myriad of libel and slander suits. We all still walk free so she's obviously really good.


Articles by this Author

  • Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Finale Chatcast
    The finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm was a wild ride of meta-jokes, alternate realities and post-modern documentary. Come along as Jaclyn and Matt attempt to deconstruct all its various elements.
  • Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Chatcast 2
    Back after a couple of weeks, Jaclyn dismisses and Matt rants about the latest Seinfeld reunion episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Chatcast 1
    Our resident Upper West Siders debate the postmodern adventure that is the Seinfeld cast reunion on this season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," in an unedited gmail chat.
  • Ten Perfect Seconds
    It is almost two p.m. on Monday.  I have hours of work ahead of me this afternoon, not to mention the rest of the week.  So what the hell am I doing standing at the South entrance of the Plaza hotel...
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