Eric Galloway

Eric lives in Boston and has lots of shoulder problems. Every once in awhile Eric will unleash a hilarious and far out piece for us. His shoulder problems and writing skills are completely unrelated.


Articles by this Author

  • Monday Hangover - 6.8.09
    what were you most looking forward to this weekend? I was most looking forward to getting drunk and dancing my ass off with all the cute hipstertito and hapa boys at our neighborhood's new retro...
  • An Oscars Addendum
    The Oscars were Sunday night and in honor of all they got wrong, missed, and actually sometimes got right,  here's a list of my favorite movies of the year.  They're listed roughly in order of very...
  • In Defense of the Wave: A Memoir
    After a recent ecstasy and group sex binge in scandalous Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I spent the following sunny and beautiful afternoon regaining my serotonin and my self worth watching a little league...
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