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  • Command+D: How About Some Information, Please?
    Lost.  In a dream.  Don't know which way to go.  If you are all that you seem, then baby, I'm movin' way too slow.  I've been a fool before.  Wouldn't like to get my foot caught in the slammin' door...
  • Command+D: Earth Day
    So Command+D usually does a big promo thing about each holiday, but you know what usually slips through the cracks for most holiday enthusiasts out there?  Earth Day!  Command+D loves this quaint...
  • Command+D: Old School
    Hey, look fellas!  Just 'cause Command+D was born last year doesn't mean he doesn't have fond memories of bygone decades, nay, centuries!  You see, the internet forms Command+D's collective memory...
  • Command+D: You Wish You Knew
    Hey there Command+D'ers of the world.  Now that we've all calmed a bit from the temporary INSANITY here at Stevesword, Command+D is here to get your head back in
  • Command+D: Madness
    What is madness?  Is Command+D mad? 1.   Is this video? 2.   Is this page's comment section? 3.   Is this media? 4.   Is this construction crew? 5.   Is the banking crisis? 6.   Is our culture? 7.  ...
  • Command+D: Crimes and Criminals
    Command+D wants to take a minute and step back and consider crime and criminals.  Somewhere in these interwebs folktales are told of these criminals.  This week's Command+D is in honor(?) of the men...
  • Command+D: Mashed
    Whoa baby, I just got back from a venture into the world of YouTube mashups and I have to give a warning.  This Command+D might take a little time.  So bookmark it (Command+D) and
  • Command+D: Ten Questions
    Welcome to another Command+D with your host, Command+D!  We're going to play a slightly different game from
  • Command+D: Riddle Me This
    Pop quiz, Command+D'ers!  Get your pen and pencil and take the following quizzes.  I promise that while some of these are objective with right and wrong answers, most are totally subjective and...
  • Command+D: Won’t you
    Command+D loves me!
  • Command+D: The Hopeful Future
    Dudes and dudettes!  Command+D welcomes you back to the present from a few possible disturbing futures.  This week we're going to look ahead again into a kinder, gentler, more enlightened future. ...
  • Command+D: The Disturbing Future
    Boo!  It's the future here to scare you!  J/k it's just Command+D!  But did you ever wonder what the future would be like?  In this first of a two week series Command+D takes a look into both the...
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