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  • Command+D XLII - REAL OR NOT REAL 4
    Okay ladies and germs, Command+D is here again with every one's favorite game: REAL OR NOT REAL!!! If you don't know how to play, here's the deal. You click on each of the ten links below and try...
  • Command+D XLI: End of the Decade
    It's the last day of the decade and who better to ring in the New Year than your old pal, Command+D.
  • Command+D XL: The ****est Ever
    Command+D is all about exploration right? Well, Command+D himself just realized that we haven't yet really delved into the most extreme places on the net... yet! This week, we're gonna take you...
  • Command+D XXXIX: No Trick, Just Treat
    You know Command+D is your friend because he's never let you down. He wouldn't ever hurt your feelings or trick you. That's why this week's Command+D is all treats. That's right. These little...
  • Command+D XXXVIII: Flash OVERLOAD
    You didn't think we'd leave Command+D behind on the old site did you? He's our bread and butter and he's back with his bread and butter: Flash! Grab a knife and a schmeer your face with some Command+...
  • Command+D: Flashy Vidzzz
    Hey there flash haters!  Welcome to the second Command+D devoted to that which you hate and I love!  This time we're talking about the other half of Flash: the
  • Command+D: Flashy
    The other day Command+D was perusing the vastness of his internet world when he found a whole host of sites that hate
  • Command+D: Recipe Whore
    Welcome back, Stevesword.  Command+D's been here all along, I just didn't want to mention it to you.  Who doesn't like some good home cooked fair?  Well, you can always count on the internet to give...
  • Command+D: Show Business
    Editors Note - As you might have noticed, Buenos the Cat and Command+D have gotten a little shifted around due to the Beer Bracket.  So we've come to the mutual decision (between Steve, Buenos, and...
  • Command+D: “Steve” “Word”
    Can you guess what all these sites have in common? 
  • Command+D: The Newspaper
    What if Command+D ran a newspaper?  More specifically what if he ran a newspaper that wasn't about to be closed, like all those ones in the real world?  What kind of stories would he print?  Well,...
  • Command+D: Real or Not Real III
    Every quarter-year or so, Command+D collects enough strange tidbits that are so difficult to believe that he's created a game for them called
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