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Caren whips up a mean rack of lamb and a mean Monday Hangover article. She contributes more to the site than I'm legally allowed to disclose.


Articles by this Author

  • Open and Shut
    Andre Agassi's memoir "Open" is more than just some ghost-written piece of junk. Caren Colodny, relying on her own experiences as a competitive tennis player, gives us a look inside.
  • Monday Hangover - 7.27.09
    • What were you most looking forward to this weekend? Spending time with people under the age of 3. • Any updates to your Netflix queue? No, I've been stalled out trying all weekend to get through...
  • Monday Hangover - 5.11.09
    • What were you most looking forward to this weekend? QT with the BF.  Ok, who am i kidding?  Just really good, hot sex. • Any updates to your Netflix queue? Bride Wars went from 'short wait' to '...
  • Monday Hangover Questionnaire
    For this week's Hangover, we're joined by contributor Caren Colodny.  To check out her previous Steve's Word columns, click here and here. - What about the previous work week were you mo
  • Pop Culture Vortex: Watching the Grammys in my PJ’s
    I swore to myself (and to my boyfriend) that I wouldn't get sucked into the vortex that is the Grammys Sunday night but, as usual, I did.  For some reason, I thought tuning in for the red carpet...
  • Collision Course
    Ahh, the holidays in NYC.  Maybe I should rephrase this and say “Ahh, Christmas in NYC” because, let’s face it, no one gives a shit about Hanukah and, being a Jew, I am trying to talk myself into...
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