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WiR 05.18.08: Your Bias is Showing

bill.pngOn Monday, a truly earthshaking thing happened. I am referring, of course, to the revelation that Bill O’Rielly is in fact an asshole. This is what I call news. It’s only so often that a 20-year-old video of a beloved and trusted newsman surfaces and forces us to reexamine all that we believe. When such a thing happens, it is our solemn duty to attend, reflect and release a collective sigh of judgment. It makes us feel morally superior. And shared moral outrage is the glue that binds us together as Americans. But we, the public, were robbed of this right by Mother Nature. Colluding with Big Media. What was the big news story on Monday? Some quake in China. Way to take the air out of Papa Bear’s sails, Mother Nature. I’m looking all over the cable news spectrum for developments in the O’Rielly re-branding and all I hear is “18,000 dead this,” and “entire city reduced to rubble that.” Why is the news always trying to get us to care about poor people in far away places whose lives don’t effect us? Liberal media elite, XYZ, your bias is showing.

WiR 5.06.08: Performance Anxiety

mickey.pngWe're switching things up a little this week, because it's our site and we can do whatever we please. Certain things were unavoidable, others we chose to do and we take full responsibility for that. Like Roger Clemens, we apologize for our personal mistakes, but we wont disclose what those mistakes were. Unless you get us drunk, then we open the vault for anyone.

WiR 4.27.08: Ants Stumping

This week was a big week for the democratic process all over the world, and a cause for celebration! We had all sorts of victories and a few crushing defeats. Join me for the highs and lows of our democratic world.

WiR 4.19.08: Miscarriages in Mass


Hello, Everyone. I swear I'm not going to talk about Math Bus in this piece. Nope. Not gonna happen. Let's just move on, shall we? So what's the biggest thing that happened/is happening this week? I suppose it's that the Pope is here in America. It's looking like he's here to apologize for the sex abuse scandals, talk about human rights, and chastise us for embarking on an aggressive war. However, These aren't the most crucial issues of his arrival in the New World. What's most important is that the Pope spoke at a Church about 200 yards away from my apartment and it was more than a little annoying. A two hour talk at St. Joseph's church required 4 days of police preparation and starting Thursday night things really started to get out of hand. Sure, leading up to the event I guessed it would be kind of exciting that the Pope Mobile would whiz by my apartment, but what I really wanted to know was were the buses still going to run on time? I've got places to be and I'll be damned if the Pope is going to make me late or worse, prevent from getting to where I need to be at all. Here's where things got most infuriating and are representative of a larger problem in this country and the way "security" is handled.

WiR 4.12.08: Forgiveness at the Charity Stripe

mathbus__1featured.pngBefore we get into the meat of this Week in Review, I want to take a moment and give a gigantic shout out to us here at Steve's Word. Yes, we rule. And even though we make sure to give each other tons of positive reinforcement around our HQ, it's nice to get some validation from the outside world. Last year, we made a great short called Math Bus: Tax Season, a parody of Bang Bus. It was featured for a day on myspace and what a crazy day that was. Well, it's gotten even more crazy this week, as Math Bus appeared as the #1 Featured video on YouTube on Wednesday and was written about on gawker on Thursday. All in all, it was a wild ride and thanks to everyone who watched and commented on the little speck of genius that we've contributed to the interwebs.

Onto the Week in Review...

WiR 4.5.08: April is Here to Deliver

ryan_wirWell, it's been something of a quiet week here at Steve's Word HQ. After a holiday-filled March, we've arrived at April. For those that may not know, April is Holocaust Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, and Be Vigilant Against Child Abuse Month, as well as home to both Arbor Day and Earth Day.

WiR 3.29.08: Things Fall Apart

wir032909_marine Welcome to week three of the Steve's Word Week-in-Review column. The news cycles have cranked out some really wretched memes for all of us to fixate upon so let me take you on a tour of all that happened this week. Let's start with politics, shall we?

Hillary Clinton is apparently unfit to lead our nation because she didn't actually get shot in the fucking face during her personal invasion of Bosnia in the 90s. I don't really want to get into it here, since we're talking about things that actually matter and things that people should care about, but let me just say this. What EXACTLY happened? Does anyone really care? Does it matter? No. But what is interesting here is the fact that our news media feels it has to push Clinton to the point where we find a public figure explaining such minutia. The Associated Press even tracked down famous 90's actor Sinbad to get a comment. He was on the same trip spreading good will with his then hilarious schtick. Mostly we here at Steve's Word are thankful for such ridiculous stories because if the media focused on things that actually mattered, we wouldn't be compelled to make our own ramshackle yet well-meaning media corps.

There! Shweh! It's out of my system. Stick with me here; it's gonna be okay.

WiR 3.22.08: What You Should Care About

wir_rockyivA great many things have happened this week in the world of politics, sports, entertainment, and inclement weather. Typically, I think a "week in review" type piece tries to sum up and analyze the biggest events, the most captivating headlines of the previous week. This is done in order to draw the largest audience.

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