WiR 4.5.08: April is Here to Deliver

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ryan_wirWell, it's been something of a quiet week here at Steve's Word HQ. After a holiday-filled March, we've arrived at April. For those that may not know, April is Holocaust Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, and Be Vigilant Against Child Abuse Month, as well as home to both Arbor Day and Earth Day. If you were hoping for a month to kill the buzz you had going from a month-long binge of Guinness, Cadbury Eggs, and extra daylight, April is here to deliver!

April is a somber month, but it does bring with it a few glimmers of excitement, including the one day of the year when it's OK to lie to people and then laugh in the face of all those dumb enough to have believed you. That's right, April Fool's Day. One last chance to get all the humor out of our system before we move on to sharing the collective guilt of not having prevented the Holocaust. This year's April Fools pranks were on the whole kind of meh. Google announced a Gmail feature that would let you backdate sent emails and even mark them as read. Cute idea. Explain to me why we can't have it and let me know when we do. Nobody pulls off or falls for a good hoax quite like the British, who set the standard back in the 50s with a piece on the BBC touting the year's bountiful Swiss spaghetti harvest. This week, our periodontally challenged cousins across the pond brought news of a digital makeover for Big Ben *yawn*, word that America would be switching from dollars to Euros, and video of flying penguins. Most importantly, we got in on the action.

This week also heralded the beginning of yet another baseball season. Sweet. Only 158 games and 8 months to go. This season seems to mark the official beginning of the Post-Steroid Era. All the off season hullaballoo of the Mitchell Report has run its course. Names were named. Fingers were pointed. And somehow Jose Canseco emerged as, if not the good guy, at least the first guy to tell the truth. Despite all the Congressional nonsense this winter, the first week of the season has the pleasant feeling of rebirth. Like waking up to a hot shower and a greasy breakfast after a night of too much drinking, baseball is doing its best to put the steroid mess behind it. The season started with no Barry Bonds, no Roger Clemens, and no HGH-fueled sideshow. Now that the villains are gone, a couple questions remain unanswered. Will baseball be as fun to watch with a bunch of scrawny guys hitting lots of singles and the occasional extra base hit that squeaked by the now-slightly-slower fielder? Can America go back to what enjoying baseball used to be when 40 dingers was an impressive total? I hope so. And if not, there's always the MLS.


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    great job. best week in review yet. i'll take one late post from this guy over a months worth of punctual ones. you can't rush genius!

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    Glad you liked Ryan's WiR. Hopefully your comment will inspire him to contribute more so we have more things you like on our site.

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