The Plogger

plogger Blog? No, Plog. Blog? Plog. I think it's pronounced, "Blog".

Watch our latest video, "The Plogger" and you'll figure it all out.

The Hangover: McCain is the Bomb Video

palin_rallyThere's been several videos floating around the internet lately that have shown just how crazy McCain/Palin supporters are. Now we've got one of our own. Jeff was out helping fight the good fight in Grand Junction, CO last week.

Olympic Waterboarding

waterboardingSteve's Word dot com has uncovered the Olympic fluff piece that NBC doesn't want you to see. It covers the most controversial sport at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Teen Pregnancy Pact Homeless Guy Discovered!

gloucester man
According to early reports, one of the girls from the pact employed the services of a 24 year-old homeless man to knock her up.

Whyte Boyz II Whyte Men


Whyte Boyz II Whyte Men perform this classic love ballad on a rooftop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.

Rockin’ the Bump!

rtbCelebrity pregnancies are all the rage these days. How exactly does this recent emphasis of pregnancy as "cool" affect the youngsters? Watch this video to find out what we think.

Starring Molly Reisner, Laura Bailey, Sarah Coleman, Mavi Graves, Mitchell Frye, Brad Frye & Tim Spellman.


ivcrCheck out the latest innovation from the geniuses at Apple. Yesterday's technology is Today's technology.

Watch it on YouTube.

Hot Dog Morning (Polish Ambassador Re-Mix)

hot_dog We'll hello there, folks. We've re-mixed and re-posted "Hot Dog Morning" for you viewing pleasure in honor of it's upcoming Network Television debut.

Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

taserA satirical take on the unfortunate events that took place at the University of Florida on September 17th, 2007. As our rights are slowly being eroded, it might not be long before this video isn't so ridiculous.

I.L.N.Y.A Episode 2: Cold Sides

cold_sidesHey Y'all.

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