pmuWhen your girlfriend has had a bit too much to drink, sometimes you need a friend to get your evening back on track.

Starring Mitchell Frye, Laura Bailey, & Alex Berg.

Behind the Scenes: John Lymn, Tim Spellman, &a

Math Bus: Tax Season

math_busIt's the Math Brothers favorite time of the year. Why? Cuz it's TAX SEASON! Boo Yah.

I.L.N.Y.A Episode 1: Casa de Neal


Hey, Y'all! Neal is back. Here at Steve's Word we feel that forgiveness is one of the most important things in life.

Open Mic Night


Open Mics are not for the weak of heart or the weak of stomach.

Starring: Tom DiMenna, Kate Hawthorne, Mavi Graves & Chris Fowler

Written & Directed by Tim Spellman, Edited by Mat

KY Jelly Commercial

Finally! What KY Jelly is really all about!

Settled Like Men

settledA dramedy about being confronted with delayed adolescence. Warning: this video may actually make you feel something.

Cold Feet

cold_feetSome guys just can't commit to anything.

Starring: Brendan Russel & Ranee Vespi

Written & Directed by Tim Spellman.

Neal Botchko: Ingenue Reporter

Aspiring actor and journalist, Neal Botchko hits the streets to ask some folks a very important question.

Directed & Edited by Tim Spellman. Photography by Jeff Larson.

First Date


Ah, first dates.

Beer Pong: Test of Manliness


The game of Beer Pong, also known as beirut to many, is the most manliest sport that has ever been invented. Only men can truly play it.

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