Whyte Boyz II Whyte Men

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Whyte Boyz II Whyte Men perform this classic love ballad on a rooftop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. American Spirit Wolf Productions, the company that makes our videos, got their hands on a Glide-Cam and figured this was the best way to test it out.

Directed by Hype Williams.

btw, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Watch it on YouTube. Vimeo


  • 1

    best stevesword video!

  • 2

    Yes! Ed likes something we did.

  • 3

    You need to make it longer utit is okay. It also could add the one girl going into labor.

  • 4

    R u going 2 make a part 2?

  • 5

    Seriously, though...I will make love 2 U like U want me 2. I generally hang out behind the Motel 6 off Peterson Dr. in Hackensack. C U there peezce

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