Teen Pregnancy Pact Homeless Guy Discovered!

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gloucester man According to early reports, one of the girls from the pact employed the services of a 24 year-old homeless man to knock her up. Well, because Steve's Word has a sense of duty to get to the bottom of every news story, we went up to Gloucester looking for this homeless man. Being graduates of the Carmen San Diego's School of Gumshoes, we found him. Check out our interview. Watch it on YouTube. Vimeo


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    Hell yes. It's all I dreamed it could be and more. Two, make that THREE, thumbs vertical, pops!

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    [...] my good friend Jason Fox (the dedicated Steve’s Word reader might recognize him from the Gloucester Homeless Guy sketch) decided to use TV On The Radio’s “Young Liars,” (off their 2003 EP of the [...]

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