Rockin’ the Bump!

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rtbCelebrity pregnancies are all the rage these days. How exactly does this recent emphasis of pregnancy as "cool" affect the youngsters? Watch this video to find out what we think.

Starring Molly Reisner, Laura Bailey, Sarah Coleman, Mavi Graves, Mitchell Frye, Brad Frye & Tim Spellman. Written by Tim Spellman & Nelson Leonard. Directed by Tim Spellman. Edited by Matt Toder. Produced by American Spirit Wolf Productions. Special thanks Caren Colodny.

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    I love it!

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    This is awesome!! So true. Doesn't anyone in Hollywood believe in birth control?

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    [...] In the end, we’re extremely proud of our production. You can watch Rockin’ the Bump! on Steve’s Word or on [...]

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    Make a part 2 right now

  • 5

    Who got the third girl pregnant

  • 6

    Anonymous, she faked it.

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