The Hangover: McCain is the Bomb Video

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palin_rallyThere's been several videos floating around the internet lately that have shown just how crazy McCain/Palin supporters are. Now we've got one of our own. Jeff was out helping fight the good fight in Grand Junction, CO last week. His trip serendipitously coincided with a Sarah Palin rally, so he bought the cheapest camera he could find at Best Buy and hit the streets to see what "Real" Americans have to say about John McCain.

Watch it here or on YouTube.


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    I feel like Stevesword is turning into my own personal agony column.
    Thanks for being here M-F brojas!
    It really helps out with the whole horrendous loneliness amidst total morons thing.

    Kate Hawthorne

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    Watch Jeff's follow-up video, "Why Do You Support Barack Obama?" Here:

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    wow, ¡qué salvaje video y estoy loco por una pieza unitards! Algunas personas dicen que McCain se han llevado a mi tequila, y yo estaba en contra de eso. Y es por eso que fue con Obama. Me siento bien ahora. Mucho alcohol y mucha fantasía de bailar.

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    [...] question that’s been plaguing me for the past week.  As you may have seen, we made a little video about McCain supporters and a subsiquent one about Obama supporters.  At the end of each video is [...]

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    Jeff was the perfect person make this video. Nobody could punch him in the face, he's just too nice. I would have like to have seen some random cutaways of lobsters though...come to think of it I could probably sell you some stock footage of lobsters that a good friend of mine shot

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