March Madness Elite 8 Recap

nova.jpgIf only you had listened to me last week when I told you to get your priorities straight and stay home on Saturday night when the tournament is on.  If you had, you would have seen the thrilling game when Villanova shocked the world by beating Pitt and breaking a ton of brackets in the process.  Not to be outdone, Louisville imploded against Michigan State after

March Madness Sweet 16 Recap

lucas.jpgWhat an interesting latest round of March Madness these last two days have been.  Louisville, UNC, UConn, and Oklahoma cruised to easy wins.  In mini-upsets, 3 seeds Villanova and Missouri won decisively over their 2 seed opponents, Duke and Memphis respectively.  In the round's only two close games, Pitt edged out Xavier with some stellar play by Levance Fi

March Madness Weekend Recap

quette.jpgThe fact that there was only one upset this weekend didn't stop it from being filled with thrilling games.  That upset was Purdue knocking off Washington in a gritty, close game, while Oklahoma outlasted Michigan and the other top seeds cruised to victory.  The nightcap was an instant classic between Gonzaga and upstart Western Kentucky.  After WKU guard

March Madness Day 2 Recap

siena.jpgHoly crap was that an amazing day of basketball, thrillers galore, upsets abounding.  In the first half of the day, Syracuse and Kansas plowed through their opening round games, while Oklahoma State and Marquette barely survived.  In the afternoon's big upset, 6 seed West Virginia was taken out by 11 seed Dayton all but destroying the bracket of a certain St

March Madness: Day 1 Recap

tipoff.jpgThere should no longer be any debate: yesterday was the best day of the year.  Truly, it's our absolute favorite over at Steve's Word, better than Christmas, better than the Super Bowl, and much much better than your birthday.  And here's why: when your birthday sucks it's the worst day of the year.  If it rains, if you miss your train, if there's someth

Method to Your Madness: Game On

madnessAs we promised last week, we've got something special going on.  Steve's Word has created a NCAA March Madness bracket pool and you are all cordially invited to come to the big dance with us, completely FREE of charge.  Simply Click the link below, fill in your name and such and you're ready to go.  Make your picks, push save, and then kick back and start rooting for teams you never even heard of before.


Method to Your March Madness is Coming

b-ball A'ight, Peeps, we got something special coming your way. We're going to host a March Madness Pool for all y'all. There will be prizes, there will be surprises, there will be crying, but here's what there won't be: AN ENTRY FEE. That's right.

Facts and Figures

arod.jpgThese are the facts of the case.

Fact #1: In 2003, Alex Rodriguez and 103 other major league baseball players tested positive for performance enhancers. The test was conducted under a guarantee of anonymity for the purpose of determining whether wide-spread testing and punishment for positive results were warranted.

Thoughts on Plaxico

plaxico.jpgI root for the New York Football Giants and as such I've been doing some thinking about the recent Plaxico Burress situation.  If you don't know, Burress is the star wide receiver who shot himself in the leg while at a club when the gun slipped from the waistband of his sweatpants.  Obviously, he's a total genius.  Absolulute Class A intellect, I mean, it's not like he mak

It’s Phinally Sunny in Philadelphia

phanatic1.jpgSo the Phillies just won their first World Series title since 1980, giving the city of Philadelphia its first championship since 1983.  Whoop-de-doo.  After a rain-suspended game picked up in the bottom of the sixth with the score tied and momentum seemingly up for grabs, the Phillies won a game that had begun forty-eight hours earlier.  Even though 100% of my Phillie fan friends felt that they would choke because of this turn of events, the Phillies won the game and with it the World Series.  This is pretty typical Phila-fan thinking, but we'll get to that a little later on.  For now, much as it might pain me, all due praise should be given to the Phillies, they won fair and mostly square, and deserve their moment in the sun.  It's really a very inspirational story.  I mean, just look at what they accomplished with only two league MVP's and a closer who never blows saves.  It's really a testament to the power of hope.

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