March Madness: The Final Post (pt 2)

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unc.pngSo glad you made it.

The winner of our top prize is none other than editor extraordinaire Justin Bolger who literally has not stopped laughing since his ascent after Michigan State won on Saturday.  Well done, sir.  And, once again, this proves that you don't need to know anything about college basketball to win a bracket pool, you just need a little luck and one or two calls that you pull out of the air.  Second place goes to the one and only Mitchell Frye, who forever will have bragging rights over the rest of the Steve's Word crew for crushing all of us.  In a related note, the site's other main contributors Matt, Tim, Jeff and Avery (aka Ted Phillips) finished in consecutive order proving that we just can't get enough of each other and have to huddle together like a pack of shy nerds at a middle school dance no matter what the event is.  Third place, winning his choice of Steve's Word gear as well as Tim's old cell phone, goes to Wii Tennis savant Adam Goins.  And hey, feel free to browse the store yourself, all proceeds go to a good cause.  This week we're sponsoring the Tim's Bolt Bus Tickets fund.

And the special "best method to your madness" prize goes to Eric Galloway.  Not only was Eric's armpit hair method for making picks hilarious in its conception, but he actually held the lead for a little while there, proving his method's legitimacy.  As well, since most Michigan State players wear t-shirts under their jerseys, this method would have resulting in predicting the outcome of last night's title game.  Congratulations, Eric.  We're all so proud.

(Winners, drop a line to with your preferred email address so we can get you your legitimately-gotten gains.)

Thanks everyone for participating, we hope everyone had a great time and that whether you finished 6th or 26th you felt the rush of rooting for an upset between two schools you've never heard of when you were supposed to be working.  We're gonna run another pool next year, so start researching immediately.  And hey, if it wasn't clear enough, this whole thing has been a publicity push for us, so why not stick around and see what we have to offer.  We promise you'll enjoy your time here, or your money back.


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    congrats bolger! this is probably the most praise you've gotten since that last diaper of poop u changed!

  • 2

    I've been cheated of a functioning cell phone yet again! Congrats to Justin and to Adam and to Mitchell. Mitchell still owes me two million, though.

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    Congratulations, Mitchell! You did it almost! And remember, second place isn't the first loser. It's the second winner.

    Chin up, champion!

  • 4

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Congrats to Justin too, you squeezed past me there at the end, (bastard)...
    But i'm not bitter, at least my claims of psychic powers still holds water. I will be bragging about this all year.

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