March Madness Final Four Recap

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msu_uconn.jpgThe last Saturday night of March Madness was certainly a lot of fun.  Michigan State, behind a healthy contribution from their bench plus some first half fisticuffs, established an early lead over UConn who never really got star A. J. Price going.  In the final minutes, UConn went on a sick run and the game was close with just two minutes remaining, but Michigan State hit their free throws and sealed up the win.  In the nightcap, the only team remotely resembling a Cinderella, Villanova, got utterly stomped by UNC.  Missing about fifteen lay ups in the first ten minutes of the second half didn't help much either, and in the end, UNC kept rolling.

In our standings, Justin Bolger had both title contending teams correct and vaulted past Mitchell Frye to take the lead.  With just tonight's game remaining, it's between Justin and current third place holder Renn Cheadle.  If UNC wins, so will Bolger and if Michigan State can knock off another 1 seed, then Renn will take the top prize.  As well, if UNC wins, then that will mean third place will go to Adam Goins with Mitchell holding strong at second with Renn being the odd man out.

The title game is tonight, so take the chance to enjoy the last moments of this year's March Madness.  Back tomorrow with final game recap and the big reveal of who wins our coveted "best method to your madness" prize.  See you then.

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