Ending with a Comma: TV on the Radio’s Dear Science,

dear_scienceRating: "Desert island essential, but it will make you miss the city, the love, and the war."

Although I do happen to think that to start a review with a tale about the first exposure to the material being reviewed is a cliché (and reflexively indicating that it is indeed a cliché, being a worse kind of cliché – guilty as charged), there’s something to be said about this situation, a situation which results in a pseudo-conundrum: The longevity of an artist and the relationship of the audience of said artist’s art suggests a certain kind of mortality for its faithful audience, informing him of the time that has passed, evaporated, vanished between his own personal relationship with the artist. Imagine being around when Guernica was first unveiled, or having watched Dylan when he first went electric -- and reflecting on either of these scenarios when Picasso joined the choir invisible and Dylan made a deal with Jesus: It would undoubtedly result in a long, reflective sigh and checking on your watch to see how much time you have on this earth. Or, well, maybe not.


potbellys_leadIf you are unfamiliar with this new breed of eatery, think prototypical trendy reasonably priced neighborhood restaurant stripped of full service. Vintage knickknacks, street signs, ornamental whatnots, and various novelty flare create what suckers may deem a colorful charm.

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