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douches.jpgThe connection between TV and Internet got a little closer on Sunday night.  I'm not sure if you're aware, but college humor dot com (that's right, no hyperlink, suck it, Ed) was recently given a timeslot by MTV and their show premiered last Sunday night.  Since I was staring at a black hole then, the College Humor Show (that's the actual name) was DVR-ed and I just got to it last night.  In order to dispel any prejudices and biases up front, I want to mention that even though College Humor is technically a competitor and objectively more successful than we are, my take on their pilot is purely critical in nature.

What a shameful, steaming pile of horse crap that show was and all those fucktards are.  Ok, so, the show starts out by telling us that Ricky van Veen (and friends) started their website during college for beer money.  OMG, I needed beer money in college too, does that make me just like (thanks Us Weekly!) those guys?  You bet it does!  (By the way, the full meaning of this becomes clear later on.)  Then, we're told that "now, instead of dorm rooms, they have offices in New York City."  You know what else they've got over there at college humor dot com?  A megacorporation that backs them.  That's right, they're just a bunch of everyday guys who work for the fucking man.  College Humor is a part of IAC, you can check out all the hilarity the company has to offer here.  Amazingly enough, the villain or rival to the college humor squad depicted in the show is a large, unfunny company filled with people in suits, kinda like college humor really is.  And, in an amazingly tin-eared and self-righteous moment, they've named their competitor with a dot biz extension, suggesting that for them comedy isn't "business" but it is for other people.  Of course, most of those other people don't get paychecks from Barry Diller, but whatever.

As an extension of this dichotomoy on the business aspect, the intro touts the show as depicting "what [the college humor staffers] do every day," yet we never see them sell advertising space, author the code on their site, voyueristically take and post pictures of women they could never sleep with, or any of the other business that goes into a working website.  Maybe all that shit is handled by IAC, except for the college girl pics, of course.  On the other hand, however, we're introduced to the college humor staffers (thus the cast of the show) with their titles attached, so we know how to place them in their intra-office hierarchy.  And, to help guide us through that hierarchy, the titles are spectacularly sterile and totally corporate: President, Senior Writer, Senior Editor, Junior Writer, etc.  They show college humor for the corporate shill it truly is and not anything like the "work starts whenever" conversation that is the plotline's first scene.

bleached_anus.jpgThe show itself is some sketches, a music video, and a running plot about their competitor and the massive insecurity complex of CH president Ricky van Veen who has the personality of a bleached anus and the screen presence to match.  (Though, he does smash a cell phone with the aplomb of a true Wall Street-ite.)  The plot involves Ricky losing a member of the gang to their competitor in some sort of bet, though said staffer is so painfully unfunny that one wonders why anyone would want him on their staff.  A music video about awkward situations (even the concept is mind-numbingly unoriginal) is so bumblingly Andy Samberg-esque one almost feels a little pity for them, like when a retarded five year old insists they'll be an astronaut when they grow up.  But, unnecessary meanness towards handicapped children aside, the music video included two comedic elements that I've seen elsewhere.  A bit about how it's awkward when Amir tries to close someone out of an elevator they catch anyway is nearly word for word lifted from an Ellen Degeneres bit from an HBO special she made about five years ago.  Ellen Degeneres.  Really?  And another bit where Amir gets caught talking shit at a club when the music drops out but he's still yelling is exactly the same as from an episode of How I Met Your Mother.  Now, I'm not saying that the college humor brain trust is a bunch of plagiarists, that's a serious claim to level at anyone, I'm just saying that I've seen this stuff before.  And truly genius comedy is always unexpected and, simply stated, new.

But the coup de grace of stuff I've seen before (again, not saying they stole it, but it's a little fishy) was the episode's climax:

...wait for it...

a testy and super competitive game of beer pong.  That's right, they copied, nearly shot for shot and using the same structure and comedic setup (except our punchline is funny and their's is lame), a video made right here at Steve's Word.  "Beer Pong: A Test of Manliness" was made by Steve's Word in 2006 and remains one of my personal favorites from our repertoire.  (If you haven't seen it, shame on you, and also click here please.)  I literally have nothing to say about this other than these guys are a bunch of fucking unoriginal peon-brained shit-swilling cunt-breathed ass-licking cum-guzzling douche-nozzled fucktards.  I hope they choke on each other's dicks and die horrible deaths, and I'm so happy we're nothing like them.


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    ¡Dicen ellos, Matt! Odio a esos bastardos.

    ¡Hasta el culo de tu mamá, College Humor jotos!

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    Oooh! I think I smell something burning. Someone just got smoked! The only problem with this review is that now I have to go search out the actual college humor show to see what Matt's talking about.

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    Okay, watched it. I think one episode is enough for me. I'm on zany overdose now, and I can't tell which character is which either. The silver lining is that if these guys could pull it off, anyone can do it.

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    Jake and Amir 4 life. I enjoy alot of the vids on this site as well; but you don't have the market cornered on quality.

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