Haiku Review Round-Up

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Haiku Review Round-Up

Critic-at-Large Ryan Kennedy reviews any and all things in 17 poetic syllables. He is either a pioneer in combining one of the oldest art forms in human culture with our ever-decreasing attention span or he's found a way to be a little less lazy than usual. Either way, we're glad he's writing something for us. Please enjoy our latest series, Haiku Review Round-Up. We post these on Twitter as Ryan spits them out, but every Friday we'll be compiling them for posterity and the Twitter-less.

Zombieland (movie):
Puppy love and gore
Michael Cera was busy
It's Juno with ghouls

Brütal Legend (Xbox 360):
Hack and slash and rock
Jack Black, Metal Messiah
Save us from hair bands

The Beatles: Rock Band (Xbox 360):
Fab Four play their hits
I really am the walrus
B.Y.O. Acid

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