Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Chatcast 2

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Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm - Chatcast 2

Matt: hey, how you doing? crazy busy?

Jaclyn: can i just say that it is ABSOLUTELY ok to tell an employee in an office to wear a shirt that covers her midriff
 he totally botched that
is it because they've never worked in offices?

Matt: it must be, but that was a really interesting part because she's insane - it's not the standard "larry is nuts" stuff, it's the more seinfeld-esque "sane people in an insane world" stuff.
plus, it foreshadows her religious insanity, or rather verifies it.

Jaclyn: hmmm
the entrance of jerry makes the show more jerry-like?

Matt: in a certain way, maybe.
this whole time i've been thinking about all the seinfeld redux elements that have popped up
that bare midriff plotline is nearly the exact same "what kind of nudity is acceptable" plotline as the episode where jerry dates the girl who walks around naked and he likes it until he sees her choke on something
and that episode was full of elements from the "jerry!" plotline
a couple of others: in the previous episode, larry's interaction with the guy on the plane and the question of how he would feel if the person in shorts was a woman recalled jerry meeting the super model on the plane, and the larger seinfeld ethos of how real life things create content for the show - over jerry's shoulder in their writing room, you could read "no shorts on plane" as something they plan to include in the reunion
not to mention that his incident with christian slater and the cavier is almost exactly like george's double-dipping incident
 and, the "denise handicapped" stuff was like george's play now experience
in this week's episode, there was another seinfeld redux element: when andy's wife asks if jerry will wear one of her stupid hats, it's EXACTLY the same as the puffy shirt incident but, it's also like an episode from the second (i think) season of curb when suzie makes larry wear an ugly home-bedazzled sweatshirt she makeslarry is really trying to relive the past with this whole thing, it's a giant exercise in nostalgia for him
maybe this is more evidence that he's trying to get his real life wife back?

Jaclyn: maybe that explains why i am finding it so dull that i just had to google it to remember what happened
mostly what i was thinking about in the episode before last was how cool that chick must be to be willing to let her stomach hang out for the role, a dud overall, i think.

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