Our Tearful Goodbye

This post goes out to the tens of people that read this site. If you've visited the site in the past couple weeks, you may have noticed that nothing has changed. That's because Steve's Word is no more. We're moving on. It's not you, it's us. No, wait, it is you. And it's also us. 

Top 5 Reasons Avatar is Awesome

Avatar would be a great way to kick-off any year and the fact that it coincided with my movie watching resolution just added to my enchantment. If you have not yet had the joy of seeing this movie, you must. And here are the reasons why: The top 5 reasons Avatar is awesome.

Space Office: Christmas Party

It's Christmas in Space and the party must go on.

Top 12 Deaths of the Decade (x2)

This decade saw the death of Presidents and Hollywood legends, rock visionaries and true American heroes. Come along as Matthew Lopez talks about the ones that mattered most to him.

Top 10 Diseases I Got this Decade

Denver Metro Regional Semi-Rock Legend, Jojo Timmins gives us a little insight of all the best diseases of the 2000's. Who better to enlighten us than someone who actually had all the diseases himself?

End of The Decade Extravaganza Kick-Off

The end of 2009 is nearly upon us, and with it comes the end of the Aughts, or the Naughties as we like to calm them. Yes, it's been quite the decade these last ten years; we don't think any one can argue against the wealth of triumph, pain, genius and depravity that we've seen in the last ten years. But, everyone is saying this, aren't they?

Space Office: The Hangover

Gayle got a little carried away at lunch. Now he's paying the price.

Top 5 Things To Do When Home for the Holidays

I spent this past Thanksgiving traveling to-and-fro in order to accrue some quality face time with various family members. These are the Top 5 Things to do when you are Home for the Holidays.

Spellman Spouts: Turkey Day

Isn't Thanksgiving wondrous? The family, the friends, the football, the food? Now imagine an alternate universe where you couldn't eat turkey on Thanksgiving. That alternate universe is my life.

Monday Hangover - 11.23.09

Tim had a weekend full of wondrous sights, annoying sounds, odiferous smells, and intense flavors. He also spent a lot of time sitting on a bus. Won't you read all about it in the return of the Monday Hangover?

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