Monday Hangover Questionnaire

one_footOur hope is that one day this questionnaire will be as famous as the bullshit questionnaire that James Lipton asks at the end of 'Inside the Actors' Studio'.

- What about the previous work week were you most looking forward to getting away from?

The soul-shattering isolation and loneliness.

- What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Not editing a movie trailer.

Monday Hangover Questionnaire

tofuWhat about the previous work week were you most looking forward to getting away from?

If you think about the Gregorian calendar on strictly technical terms, the previous week is still here.

What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

The Monday Hangover.

What was the biggest disappointment of the weekend?

The Monday Hangover. I will read it tomorrow and be totally disappointed.

Super Bowl Hangover

sb2009.jpgBecause of the grand, sweeping cultural moment that the Super Bowl is and always will be, this Hangover, like my weekend, is mostly about the game.  Not that this is all too surprising.  I have, however, spared you all my pontificating and ranting about the commercials.  Maybe I'll whip something up for later in the week, or maybe all the spots will be prove to be just as forgettable as they seemed at the time and I wont remember a single one in twenty-four hours.  We'll just have to wait and see.

But we wont have to wait for this Super Bowl edition of the Hangover...

Chatcast: Running on Runs

gchatEditor's note: What follows is an entirely true and unabridged online conversation between Steve's Word editor in chief Tim Spellman (Me) and contributor Ryan Kennedy.  It remains in its original form, grammatical errors and all.  We invite you to experience a little peak at what goes on in our offices, a glimpse of our own creative process.  Enjoy the ride.

2:09 PM me: yo yo2:10 PM Ryan: I just came probably the closest I have to crapping my pants in adult hood2:11 PM me: literally?are you on the can now?

All My Nightmares Are Real

nightmare_crowdYou know, I hate to hear the words, "I told you so;" especially when they are directed at me.  Every time I hear them it makes me scream inside with bitter resentment pent up from years of being wrong.

This time it was just too much to bear.

I had spent weeks planning, not to mention a fair chunk of change, in getting my wife and two sweet children there.  I'd looked at all the websites and guide books and maps I could get my hands on.  I even read the wikipedia history, just to give me some perspective. I had planned to go during the "off-season," which the guide books all said was January-February.  Who'd want to go there in the middle of the winter?

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the worst site-seeing vacation experience of my life to Washington DC last week.  It all started when we arrived at the airport two hours early for our flight only to find out that our seats had been resold to the highest bidder based on the shockingly astronomical demand for seats on flights to our nation's capital.  They kept saying that everyone was headed to some sort of graduation party or something.  I said, "to hell with it", and packed the family into our sedan and we set out for the four hour drive from New York City.  It would almost be as fast as flying, really.

Monday Hangover Questionnaire

RB2Our hope is that one day this questionnaire will be as famous as the bullshit questionnaire that James Lipton asks at the end of 'Inside the Actors' Studio'. One of us here at Steve's Word will be answering these questions every Monday morning. We encourage you to submit your own responses, because honestly, enough about us already. 

- What about the previous work week were you most looking forward to getting away from?

I didn't work at all this week and only returned from the inauguration on Wednesday afternoon. I guess what I was most looking forward to was not travelling. In the month of January I was in St. Louis, Las Vegas, and D.C. Now I know that I could never be a rock star.

Birth of the New Hangover

martini.jpgEditor's note: A few months ago, we realized, thanks to the addition of weekly columns from Jojo Timmins and Command+D, we had enough material to post four days a week.  And, hey, if we could easily post four days a week, we should be able to post five days a week, right?  We put our heads together and attempted to come up with an easy something to get up every Monday morning and thus the Hangover was born.  But, it didn't really work out too well, we hadn't created the proper framework for an easy column.  And, although it produced some of the site's best columns, we had to face the fact that the Hangover simply didn't work.

We sat down and tried to figure out what the proper framework was and for some reason James Lipton wandered into the conversation, maybe a Geico ad was on TV or something, and we realized that the Hangover was destined to be a questionnaire, sort of like that ridiculous bit Lipton does at the end of Inside the Actor's Studio, but not nearly so pompous and reductionist.  We've gone ahead and thought of twenty some questions, a random sampling of which will be answered each week by a rotating panel of contributors.  You are witnessing the birth of the New Hangover.

Why You Should Bother Going to the Inauguration

capitol.jpgOn Thursday, Barack Obama was certified by Congress as the 44th President of the United States of America.

This is a tremendous deal, a fucking gigantic deal!  When was the last time you can name that an outgoing President had been so illegitimate, so inept, and so harmful?  And when was the last time that we had a President who managed to win the majority of voters without winning white males?  When was the last time that an election was won by such a large number of small donors or with such tremendous grassroots campaigning and support?  I'm not even talking about the fact that the man elected is half black!  It would still be historic even if he was white for all the reasons I listed above among several other factors.  In short -- what we witnessed and were a part of has NEVER happened before in the history of America.  In fact I don't think there's been a time in recorded history that a black man has ever been elected to run the free world.

The Greatest Gift of All

tony_working_bars.pngIt truly is a rare thing to be able to help the world in a constructive way all on your own.  Many have tried, but few have actually succeeded.  In fact, I can't at this moment think of a good example of anyone who might fit the bill.  Except for myself, of course.  Yes, that's right.  I did some good for the world at large; I gave selflessly of my experience and my knowledge, and most importantly my time, to ensure that others have it a little bit easier than I did.

But what on earth could I be talking about, you might wonder, considering that I have virtually no known talents and minimal expertise in all things.  Mostly, that's a fair assessment of my life so far, but it doesn't account for the thing that I truly do excel at.  And that is drinking.  Yes, from an early age, I have stood out from my peers in this realm.  And not unlike Act I of a beautiful and sentimental coming-of-age story, I acted selfishly.  I drank for myself, I did not consider others and what my drinking might do for them.  Last week, that all changed.

Greatness Expectations

oscar.jpgNew York is a city that sometimes seems unmanageable - that whole "sea of nameless faces" thing.  Sometimes, it feels like a small town.  Sometimes it feels like Hell, but I guess that can be said of any place.  Recently for me, it's felt like deja vu.  After stopping in at my 10 year high school reunion some six months ago, I can't seem to go more than a couple of blocks without running in to someone who I knew back then.  The conversations all start the same way, either with "can you believe how poor a showing it was at the reunion?" or "how come you weren't at the reunion?  oh, good point," and then generally move to a very gossipy place.  Usually, I take no truck in that, but since there's been such a groundswell of information lately, I've started to find the update-mongering somewhat amusing.  Generally there isn't too much of note, so far there's only one Class of '98 baby, not one of the handful of marriages has ended yet, more than a handful of people are employed as social workers.  But there is one classmate who had sent out a mass email regarding the birth of his tech blog to most of the class, though I was not popular in high school and thus not a recipient, and everyone seems to have been taken aback at the angry subtext of his posts.  When his name came up, the surprisingly improved in the looks department classmate that I had just run into said this: "For him, it was always big time movie star or nothing, and now that it's nothing, he's losing his mind."

Apparently she is also much improved in the brains department because this might be the most insightful thing anyone has ever said about that guy, and probably me as well.

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