Beer Bracket 2009 - Week 3


Welcome to Week 3 of The 1st Annual Steve's Word Beer Bracket. What? You haven't been following the intense action for the past two weeks. How dare you? Fine, if you're just joining us now you can find Week 1's results penned by Avery Booker here. Week 2's results scribed by Mitchell Frye are here. If you're a lazy ass and just want to see how the bracket has been filled in thus far look here...I'm waiting...Caught up? Good. Let's dive right into Week 3 written by first time Steve's Word contributor and long time beer drinker, Elle Scoots. Traditionally, the third leg in a relay race is run by the weakest member of the team. That is definitely not the case here. We've never won a relay race and strategic planning isn't one of our strongsuits. Moreover, this week's results kick ass. So, enjoy.

Monday Hangover - 6.8.09

paddy_wagonwhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

I was most looking forward to getting drunk and dancing my ass off with all the cute hipstertito and hapa boys at our neighborhood's new retro queer dance night on Friday.  But before I got properly drunk and lecherous, I got all chivalrous and decided to walk a really pretty girl home so she wouldn't get raped in a community vegetable garden.  Upon returning to the club after my gentlemanly gesture, I was not allowed in, as it was 12:45 a.m. and the dance party was due to end in fifteen minutes (nearby residents had already phoned in noise complaints, and a paddy wagon sat ominously in the parking lot -- no joke). Neither drunk nor danced-out, I glumly noted that what was supposed to be the first great dance night of the summer turned out to be a harsh reminder of how unbelievably fucking lame Boston is.  Am I really going to waste another year of my quickly-fading twenties in a city where the club nights end at 1:00 with police attempting to round me up and arrest me for using my outside voice?  No.  I tried to run past the bouncers, but they grabbed me, and into the paddy wagon I went  Ironically, the pretty girl’s would-be rapist was in there too.  To my delight, he raped me.

Beer Bracket 2009 - Week 2

mitchell_coronaWelcome to Week 2 of the 1st Annual Steve's Word Beer Bracket. If you missed Week 1's action, check it out here. In a real barn burner, last week Avery Booker got things started having 8th seed Three Philosophers come out of his bracket. This week Mitchell Frye will inform us as to how he decided on his quadrant's winner. In true Beer Bracket fashion, Mitchell began his research by accidentally doing the wrong quadrant. That's ok . We're accustomed to mistakes and failure here. It's kind of our thing. So, grab that pint glass you've been keeping in the freezer and let's drink up Mitchell Frye's Week 2 results.

Monday Hangover - 6.1.09

peterotoole.jpg• What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Honestly, all I really wanted to do this weekend was help get some animals adopted on Saturday and keep it sober until hitting the Bolt Bus to Philly to check out UPenn and butter up the admissions peeps.

Beer Bracket 2009 - Week 1

avery_bracket_01What are the two greatest things in the world? Yep. Beer and tournaments. I can assure you that it is not poetry and science. We love drinking beer and crossing names off brackets more than anything else and you do too. So, riding on the coattails of our much successful March Madness tournament pool, we dreamed up a fanciful sequel to the old leather pumpkin single elimination competition on a rare and beautiful afternoon when nearly all Steve's Word contributors and groupies were in the same room.  After several hours filled with laughs, brainstorming, and having to poop in public restrooms the inspired idea was born. The field of 64 was carefully chosen by our esteemed beer committee; Avery "Tex" Booker, Mitchell "Kevin Arnold" Frye, Elle "The Girl" Scoots, and Chase "The Kid" Booker. In order to make the tournament more closely reflect the proceedings of the NCAA Basketball tournament, the seeding, like all important decisions, was determined by someone horribly underqualified. That annointed ignoramus was Tim Spellman. Click here to see the bracket. For the next four Wednesdays we're going to be giving you each region's winner as determined by our experts. When all is said and done, there will be a massive party with only the Final Four Beers to drink. Our judges and the party attendees will decide the champion of the 1st Annual Steve's Word Beer Bracket through a series of rows, fisticuffs, and make-up sex. Without further ado, let's have Avery get things started.

Monday Hangover - 5.18.09

tracy_jordan • What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

A tie between dinner at my friend Andrea's new apartment on the UWS (her first dinner party ever in her 32 years on this planet) and brunch with my good friend Jeremy in order to meet his new (adorable, brilliant, perfectly-suited-for-Jeremy) boyfriend.

• Any updates to your Netflix queue?

Got through Bolt (3-stars) and finally saw Cinema Paradiso (5-stars). Added "I've Loved You So Long" (which I cannot help but think of as "Me Love You Long Time")

• How's that major life decision going?

After my second cocktail at happy hour on Friday, all major life decisions deferred to next weekend.

How to Survive a Trip to Africa Without Too Much Crying

n104179_35647049_9215.jpgI was five years old when I laid eyes on my first National Geographic, sitting atop a mass of other magazines in the living room of our house in North Carolina.  The cover boasted a male lion crouched down mid-stride, and as his piercing eyes greeted mine as I stood entranced, half-believing he

Monday Hangover - 5.11.09

ketchup.jpg• What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

QT with the BF.  Ok, who am i kidding?  Just really good, hot sex.

• Any updates to your Netflix queue?

Bride Wars went from 'short wait' to 'now'!  Also, I decided to remove movies that I have seen because I know that I will get bored 5 minutes in.

Dear Mom, I’ve Made a Terrible Mistake

mothers-day-roses-card.jpgDear Mom,

How have you been?  I've been ok, I guess.  You know how it is, ups and downs, strikes and gutters.  Actually, that's not really true.  I've mostly been down in the dumps lately.  I'm just gonna come out and say it, ok?  I miss you.  And everything that Read

Monday Hangover - 5.4.09

short_cutsWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

The highlight of my weekend was supposed to be seeing my friend's band "Black Taxi" play at Mercury Lounge on Saturday. This would be their second headlining show there in the past couple months, and also the second time they'd sold it out. Clearly my use of 'supposed to be' would lead one to the correct assumption I did not make the show. Stupid (really lovely) Steve's Word people made me get DRUNK Friday night, effectively rendering me useless all weekend.

Any additions to your netflix queue?

Apparently after the above referenced evening with what I believe comprises the majority of the Steve's Word staff I decided to add the collected works of Robert Altman. I don't think he was discussed once that night nor did the conversation ever touch on anything more profound than whether it was acceptable to mix jaggermeister and tequila.I guess I just wanted to pretend that something positive could come out of the night. It looks like I also added Hot Rod. Go figure. Let's be honest, that'll get pushed to the top of the queue while Short Cuts languishes at the bottom for a few months before finally being axed altogether.

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