Courage, Strength, Balding

balding_leadFirst off, I’m not balding; I just have a long forehead. Secondly, balding is a celebration of manhood. Only man has the innate ability to shed the burdensome wool helmet widely known as hair. Let’s face it. Hair is about as convenient as a June bug gettin’ into your chickenfeed. You have to wash it, comb it, gel it, frost it and for what?

New York, Here I Am!

tj_leadHow’s it hanging, you guys?? TJ here, first-time web logger (weblogomist?) and official New Yorker for two whole weeks now! In addition to reporting on what’s cool ‘round ‘town, I’ll be sharing all the interesting observations I’ll be having. Let’s get the party started!

Okay, we’ll start the party in a sec -- first, some stuff about me! I’m 24, recently college graduated with a B.A.

Inherently Flawed

inherently_flawedIt’s been over two years since my last serious relationship and I feel that it would be beneficial to get all of my flaws out on paper so that I can pinpoint the main reason why I am inept in the dating/courting arena.

Confessions of a Call Girl

call_girl_leadFollowing the launch of this illustrious website we were inundated with a deluge of praise and countless offers of sexual favors, which we graciously accepted. However, to be fair, there were a few criticisms. One of them being that the site was too male. Fair ‘nough.

How to Blow a Done Deal

done_dealThe other day I got a surprising letter from one of our faithful readers. Allow me to paraphrase, if I may:

Dear Tim @ Steve’s Word,

Love the site. You’re my favorite writer. Keep up the good work. Anyway, I’ve got a little problem, a big problem actually, that I think you are probably most apt to offering some sort of helpful advice.

Letters from the Trail

letters_leadAn idea inspired by my erstwhile friends at Steve’s Word has prompted me to inform readers of this esteemed publication about my activities on the campaign trail here in rural South Carolina. Before I begin spinning the yarn that will undoubtedly entertain and captivate my readers, I would like to assure all of you out there that I know what you’re thinking.


tj2_leadIT’S FRIDAY NIGHT, YOU GUYS – THANK GOD FOR “TJ”IF!! Hey, who knows where the party’s at?? That’s okay, I was thinking about staying in, anyway… do some writing, maybe some thinking, and… some serious recuperating from THURSDAY NIGHT!!!

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