Top 5 Types of Makeovers

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Top 5 Types of Makeovers

Every Tuesday Elle Scoots will be giving us a new Top 5 of her choosing. This week: Top 5 Types of Makeovers. Not specific makeovers of people who have gone from fugly to just ugly but types of makeovers that really change something within our society. Makeovers that influence the future of people who are easily influenced.

#5 The "They Will Never Notice" Makeover

Also known as the Dick Switch, after the York-Sargent exchange on Bewitched.  In this classic example, the original Darrin Stephens was surreptitiously replaced with a knock-off.  Perhaps audiences were to presume Samantha, attempting to spice up her ordinary suburban life, wiggled her nose and voila! a new husband appeared, possessing unique and exciting bedroom moves. The Dick Switch increased in popularity when used during the always classy television series Roseanne.  Becky, the eldest and least depressed child of the Conner family, was one day given the boot and a new Becky was put in her place.  "Who is this fraud?" we all thought.  Will she be as chagrined by Darlene and D.J. and the rest of the clan as her predecessor? I don't even know you anymore, Becky!  Fans felt cold and alone. Why do these sitcoms pull this nasty trick on us? The actors must have their reasons for leaving, but why the pointless on-the-sly makeover?  Sometimes things are better simply being eliminated all together.  Why not just send them down an elevator shaft?  It would make everything a little less awkward.

#4 The "They Will Notice and We Want Them To" Makeover

The central character switch. Most common in reality shows when the producers want the viewers to focus on a new, more unstable character.  The most recent and certainly the most exciting example of this conflict creating makeover is the upcoming protagonist switch on The Hills. LC, or "o' wise one" as I like to call her, is pulling the plug on her fast track to staring-blankly-celebrity-stardom.  The central role is now going to be filled by rival Kristen Cavallari who has been on fake reality hiatus since Laguna Beach.  OMG, what will Stephen think?  I guess its time to dust off our Team Kristen t-shirts and find out.

#3 The Judicial Makeover

Sure, Sonia Sotomayor is definitely giving the Supreme Court reconstructive surgery, however, there is another judge makeover that inspires more young voters than silly political issues: the replacement of Paula Abdul with Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol.  This change has come at a crucial time for Idol, now that nonsensical sputtering from people who make important decisions is becoming a thing of the past.  Those who oppose the change claim Ellen is underqualified for the position. Perhaps they are worried of selective empathy.  Ellen says she will be honest and kind.  Either way, you better tune in because as you all know, once again, THIS. Is American Idol.   

#2 The "Everyone Judges a Book by its Cover" Makeover

This makeover occurs when a book whose cover was perfectly acceptable when initially created morphs into a movie poster when adapted for the big screen.  Actors faces are plastered on the cover and the original design, which I would bet was given a great deal of thought, is unnecessarily cast aside like a first generation iPhone.  So unless Amy Adams is going to come and read Julie and Julia to me bedside as I fall asleep, please take her face off the cover.

#1 The Presidential Makeover

The change in administration not only sparked a national political makeover, putting things like health care and environmental issues under the knife, but The White House has been given a serious physical overhaul as well.  Joe Biden should be referred to as Vice President TannyMcWhiteteeth and those photos of Obama with his shirt off surely get my juices flowing.  With all due respect Mr. President, I definitely wouldn't kick you out of bed.  You can all have all the spicy mustard you want in my kitchen.  After these past eight sad, wrinkly years, I think the American public deserve a little eye candy.  It is just a total bonus that he is actually good at his job.  After this weekend, it is clear that everyone wants a piece of this Nobel Laureate.

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