Top 5 Things To Do When Home for the Holidays

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Top 5 Things To Do When Home for the Holidays

I spent this past Thanksgiving traveling to-and-fro in order to accrue some quality face time with various family members.  My parents are not together which adds to the travel time and now that my honey and I are totally going steady, we visit each others families as well.  Becasue of this, there were many things that were unnecessarily included in my holiday fiesta: a six hour bus ride from Philly to New York in which the bus driver hit a fancy schmancy Acura, packing bags three different times within a 5 day period, and buying "just-in-case" bus tickets way in advance that went unused.  Despite all these things, there were some things that took place that made it feel like a true holiday vacation.  Things that are classic coming home activities that cannot and should not be avoided.  These are the Top 5 Things to do when you are Home for the Holidays.

#5 Regress to Adolescent Behavior

When you are home with your parents, it can become quite easy to forget that you are pushing 30, have your own set of bills to pay, and need to use anti-aging face lotion.  Instead of thinking about your current life circumstances, it is much easier to pretend the life you once had has been resurrected for the holiday season. This includes leaving dirty dishes in the sink, borrowing money from your mom and then your dad, and for those city dwellers returning to suburbia, asking to borrow the car.  This temporary mental time travel is an excellent way to relax during holiday breaks.  Your fantasy world Armageddon usually occurs on Sunday night when you decide to check your email and realize that your bus has been delayed, you probably won't make it to work on time on Monday, and your credit card bill is due.

#4 Fight with your Family

Although this is not a positive and rejuvenating experience, it seems to be inevitable during the holidays, which is why it makes the list.  Everyone I have spoken with since Thursday has said the same thing to me regarding family squabbles: "That's what holidays are for!" In fact, a few people I know have abandoned the typical "How was your holiday?" question and have replaced it with "How many tears were shed on your holiday?" The answer seems to be the same across the board: "Too many." 

#3 Lay on the Couch

Nothing revives the soul, especially a hungover one, like an afternoon of hardcore vegging on the couch while falling in and out of sleep.  This is a time-honored tradition practiced by college students the world over.  I am not currently a college student but I do however still respect the act of couch dwelling and believe, particularly after this past holiday break, that I have perfected this pastime to the level of an Olympic sport.  I am sure my man's parents now think I am lazy slug but at least he was there with me.  I will tell them it was his influence.  Furthermore, if you really want an extreme experience, this home-for-the-holidays activity can be enjoyed even more when combined with the next two items on this list.

#2 Eat Wawa

If you have never had the profound pleasure of walking up to a Wawa touch screen and placing an order for a Shorti or Classic Wawa hoagie (the Junior is only for pussies) then I strongly suggest traveling to Eastern PA to do so.  With it's well trained sandwich artists and the best mac and cheese a convenient store can offer,  Wawa is definitely worth the trip. If you are not able to make the trek to this sandwich holy land, then I am sure there is an equivalent somewhere in your hometown.  Be sure to hit it up because the holidays are not the same without scarfing down regionally specific junk food.

#1 Watch an 80's Movie

I am an eighties' movie addict and feel that any anxiety and/or stress can be squelched by watching John Cusack or Molly Ringwald walk around a high school to the sounds of a saxophone during an extremely long opening sequence.  This past Thanksgiving I watched "The Sure Thing" for the first time and could not believe I have lived this long without seeing this road-trip classic. Not only did I forget about my hangover, I also bonded with my boyfriend's mom when we both laughed at Gib's discussion of pork rinds and Riboflavin.  It was a truly heart-warming holiday moment.  To top it off, I watched this movie while laying on the couch and eating Wawa.  It was the trifecta of holiday break experiences.


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    You make me laugh. You make me cry. You give me a boner. Another home run, Scoots.

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    Wow. Where I come from "Eat Wawa" has a TOTALLY different meaning!

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    Pleasurable Demeanor, I believe eating the kind of Wawa you are referring to is also considered a great holiday tradition. Thanks for reminding me! Bon Appetit!

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