The Tie That Binds

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dad_shades It's Father's Day, it's Father's Day, let's all pretend we care!
We’ll buy a tie to celebrate that you were never there!
The absent one who paid the bills, today's your day to shine.
In spite of all my shoulder chips, I seem to be just fine.

I stayed away from Law School, Dad, to let you know I could.
I never went to Business School; I said I never would.
And now my opportunities have slowly slid away,
I hope that you're still proud of me on this, your phony day!

apple_bong.jpgYou said go be an engineer; I built a bong from fruit.
My aptitude said architect; by now that test is moot.
You said to always study hard, I vegged out through the night.
In spite of all illusions dissed, I seem to be alright.

I always did look up to you, though I would never show it.
Your driving need for my success inspired me to blow it.
And now I’ve reached my pinnacle, I’ve pulled my final coup:
I ran so hard from who you are; now I’m a father too.

Now that I have got a son, I see that you were right.
If I had a steady job, now that’d be fucking tight!
When he asks for clothes or shoes, I don’t know what to say.
But in spite of me, his deadbeat Dad, he seems to be okay.

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