See You Monday

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strokin_itWe've decided to take a little breather here at Steve's Word in the writing department. We will be back next Monday April 20th with brand new material. We went balls to the wall with the March Madness bracket and need to take a step back for a moment. There's a lot of exciting stuff brewing for you so don't go too far. You'll be happy to know that we shot a video this past weekend and that will be coming your way the first week in May. So get your beach bod ready for the Summer of Steve. You don't want to look all flabby and pale when we see you again because, yes, we're that superficial. Moreover, we demand much more from others than we do from ourselves and have a crippling inability to posess any sense of self-awareness. But you know this by now. Anywho, see you next week!

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