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rnc_balloons.jpgEven though the RNC was mostly about spewing out snide digs at Obama and revisions of history, even though it was really, really scary for a multitude of reasons, even though we've never craved Labatt Blue as much as we do now, we here at Steve's Word didn't think last week watching the RNC was a total loss.  No, in fact, we fell in love.  Call it the cloud's silver lining, call it looking on the bright side, call it being bible thumped stupid, we just couldn't help ourselves.  Amidst the falling balloons and dulcet tones of Big and Rich, some people just wouldn't take lies for an answer, and we opened our hearts to that select few.  Here we present to you the Politicos We're Gay For.

Tim - Roland Martin

Would it be politically incorrect to say that I've got jungle fever for Roland Martin? Yes, it would be, but when you feel this strongly for another, sometimes your raw emotions come spilling out of you willy-nilly and sometimes formerly acceptable, now somewhat squeamish social terms ride those emotions. What I heart most about Rol-Mar, don't worry, he's cool with me calling him Rol-Mar, is the way he defends the position that Bristol Palin's pregnancy is political "fair game". Rol-Mar, looking and talking as smooth as a fuzzy Eight Ball, asserts that the topic is fair game because it clearly exposes the hypocrisy of Palin's Abstinence Only sex education platform and brings to light her even zanier, extreme anti-abortion stance that denies women abortions even in the instance of rape, incest, if the child will be born with diseases or deformities, or if the pregnancy threatens the mother's life. All the while Palin said herself that it was Bristol's DECISION to keep the baby. Under Palin's own initiatives her daughter would not have had the ability to make that decision. Moreover, it was easy for Bristol to make this, ahem, CHOICE, because she's from a large, wealthy family with great health insurance. She's not disadvantaged like the teenage mothers Palin took funding away from in this line item veto. I defend, what I'm sure will be called an angry black man's position, to keep the issue of Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy a pertinent issue and not let her hide behind cries of "leave my daughter alone." There is nothing personal in these attacks at all, but I do say, "God bless you Bristol for getting your unprotected freak on and bringing this issue to light." It once again proves that Conservatives have no regard for facts and it lets my Rol-Mar get all worked up. When he's firing on all cylinders like that, I'll defend whatever position that angry black man wants to put me in.

stewart.jpgSteve - Jon Stewart

Maybe it's easy to say that I'm gay for Jon Stewart, but that doesn't make it untrue.  Maybe I've been gay for him for a long time, but that doesn't make my swelling of emotion and other things in the past week any less significant.  Obviously Jon Stewart and the whole Daily Show team (especially Samantha Bee 'cause this bit is genius) have been on a roll for the past seven or eight years, but I think they managed to out do themselves last week at the Republican Convention. 

If you haven't watched this clip then you haven't truly lived, my friends, and you haven't truly loved.  It's so simple, so precise, and so brilliant because it is both of those things.  It's the use of comparative editing that makes the whole Daily Show schtick so good and Jon Stewart so adorable.  He hasn't bothered to dye out the grey in his temples, because he's committed to truth and to being consistent, just as he demands of politicians and often shows us is not the case.  And he hasn't softened up any of the trademark sarcasm that has made the Daily Show the institution that it is.  Nowhere else do you get the kind straight up accountability than the Daily Show, and for that Jon Stewart will forever have my heart.

campbell.jpgMatt - Campbell Brown

Many people seem to be talking about Palin's aging beauty queen looks and the VPILF thing, but I found that I have only had eyes for another brunette the past week.  CNN's Campbell Brown stole my heart with her steely gaze and razor-sharp wit.  Man, the right-slanted commentator with his little mustache had no idea how to handle her.  Honeslty, I could recount the glory of her presence at the RNC all day, next to Jeffrey Toobin, she was about the only person keeping Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer's matching pin striped suit lovefest from becoming uncomfortable for everyone else.

But, the truth is that her work in St. Paul was really just the icing on the cake.  I fell for her after her interview with McCain campaign monkey Tucker Bounds during which she bitch-slapped him in a way I hoped she would reserve only for me.  But alas, all I could do was watch with glee as she called out this so-called strategist for making a big deal out of the experience issue and then skirting it when it came to the choice of Governor Palin.  It's so refreshing to see people held accountable for the standards they impose on other people, and it's so rare that GOP strategists are put in this spotlight.  (Really, how's the whole war record smear campaign against Kerry looking now that McCain's biggest qualification is that he was a POW, Karl Rove?)  That interview also contains a great nugget about "executive experience."  When Tucker attempts to float the "commanding the Alaska National Guard is executive experience" claim, Campbell wont even lent him finish the bullshit sentiment, and addresses him the only way that will ever result in a victory against these users of circular logic.  You have to ask for one specific example, and Campbell knew to do exactly that.  And of course, Tucker couldn't come up with one because no example exists.


noonan.jpgMatthew - Peggy Noonan


As a Lefty, I know this seems like an odd choice to make. But I like Peggy Noonan because she’s an honest conservative, not a bullshit conservative like those blowhards at Fox News or that moose murderer running for Vice President. (By the way, ask any theater queen to tell you about “Moose Murders ” and what they describe could accurately predict what a Palin administration might look like.) She’s the kind of conservative John McCain used to be. Or, at least the kind of conservative John McCain used to pretend he was before he became the kind of conservative he is and then pretended to be the kind of conservative he used to pretend that he was.


As a writer, I have to admit that I am completely in love with Noonan's prose style. She is, without a doubt, one of the best political speechwriters ever. The kind that would make Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn bow down and worship her. (She was actually a consultant on the West Wing for a time.) She coined the phrases, “kindler, gentler nation,” “a thousand points of light,” and even the gleefully infamous “read my lips: no new taxes.” She also wrote Ronald Reagan’s elegant speech commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day which is a must-read for any lover of political speeches. These are phrases and political moments that, despite their having been issued from the lips of Republicans, sends shivers of awe down the spine of any bipartisanly minded writer.


As a gay man, I have to say that girl can dress.

But what I mostly love Peggy Noonan for is this clip.  You never get that kind of naked honesty from a Republican about another Republican. Hell, you never get that kind of naked honesty from a Republican about what they had for lunch. She knows to speak eloquent truth to power. She knows when something is bullshit. And, methinks, she also knows when her lapel mike is on.

Nate - Community Organizers

Maybe I'm straying from the format a little here, but as resident small fry, I feel it's a chance I have to take.  With that in mind, in the last week, I have fallen head over heels for community organizers.  Yes that's right, I'm in love with a group of people who give selflessly of their time and energy and get little back.

Oh wait, that's not true.  During the RNC, they actually got a lot of shit back.  Actually, they got totally crapped on.  First, Palin ridiculed them, then McCain ignored their worth.  Remember when he encouraged the citizens of the United States to get involved with government in a variety of ways (it's right near the end), but didn't mention being a community organizer?  I'm sure that omission was just as hurtful as Sarah Palin's jab at them, because of course if Obama was one then it must be bad (kinda like being a Senator, right John?).  What's funny to me about that is that Wasilla, Alaska had 5,000 people living there when she was elected.  Where I live in Park Slope Brooklyn, the population is 104,000, according to brooklyn.com.  Now, even if that number isn't exactly correct, there's still quite a difference.  What I mean is that if Palin were governing 5,000 people over here, she would have a constituency of about five blocks.  Not a very large community that.


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    don't forget about glenn greenwald and his comprehensive take on the "lipstick on a pig" non-story:

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    Spot on!

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    I'm certifiably Way Gay for Campbell Brown. I also love Jim Hightower on Populism and how today's Retardlicans are NOT capable of it.

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