New York, Here I Am!

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tj_leadHow’s it hanging, you guys?? TJ here, first-time web logger (weblogomist?) and official New Yorker for two whole weeks now! In addition to reporting on what’s cool ‘round ‘town, I’ll be sharing all the interesting observations I’ll be having. Let’s get the party started!

Okay, we’ll start the party in a sec -- first, some stuff about me! I’m 24, recently college graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications (go Bulldogs!). I hail from the Midwest originally, but I’m pretty sure I’m a Big City Kind Of Guy from now on. I should thank my parents for that – they gave me $3,000 for graduation, so I can rock and roll without a job for six months or so! Thanks Mom and Dad! Also, a shout out to my dogs Tim, Eric and Dave, who I remember from the Silverbacks, our old little league team. Even though I hadn’t really talked to them much since, I ran across the web site, e-mailed them a bunch of times, and after a while they were cool enough to let me contribute. Thanks Guys! The web site is awesome!tj_andes

One reason I really love it being a New Yorker is because of the artisticness of New York. I’ve been doing a lot of walking, and there is literally artists everywhere -- even in the Sub Way! That’s where I saw these amazing Native Americans with skinbone flutes and very big guitars. I watched them for forty minutes or more, totally hypmatized, and ended up buying their cd, “Sounds of the Andes.” It’s kinda chill-out music, but if you can find it -- I totally recommend it!

I guess that’s the other amazing thing about New York: it’s totally multicultural. Like the other day, when I was checking out the Statue of Liberty. The ferry made a pit stop at Ellis Island, which is historical somehow, so I decided to scope it out. I was in line to get a headset, when I noticed you could take the tour in Spanish, Italian, even Japanese! I played it safe and opted for the Spanish -- I took Spanish in high school, so I thought I’d understand at least most of it. Boy was I rusty! Even when it’s frustrating that you can’t understand the words, or sort of annoying when they start talking super fast, sometimes it’s cool just vibing to the rich heritidge of language.

tj_pizzaWhat else have I done? Well, better believe I had a slice of “regular” at Best of the West Pizza! Truth be told, I’ve had more than a slice -- I’m there all the time! It’s super lucky BotW’s is located in the bodega right by me – it’s been voted “best pizza in ‘town!” Also, they sometimes have hot bagels. New York blows my mind!

I bet you’re wondering where I crash. I’m up on 43rd and 11th with this guy Terry, who posted a sublet on the alumni message board. He graduated a few years back with a Film and TV Broadcasting major so he’s reallytj_apt into film, which is cool because I’m really getting into film, too. Ter showed me this independent film last night called “Requium for a Dream.” Man, it was awesome, especially the camera work they did – I used to think “Snatch” was my favorite indie flick, but I think we have a new champion! Ter works in production, so he hooked me up with a sweet gig as a Production Assistant on this independent film this Friday night -- I can’t wait! It’s called, “New York State of Emergency,” so be sure to watch for it in theaters near you. I’ll let you know how it goes behind the “scenes!” Who knows? This could be the beginning of something big…… It’s up to you, New York!

tj_flyingP.S. You guys heard of Webshots?? Well, I snapped some! Scope it out!!

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