Monday Hangover - 8.3.09

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venusWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Top of my weekend list was to have been at the McCarren Pool Party in Williamsburg, or whatever they're calling it now that it's been displaced in favor of an actual pool (boo...). The lineup included Deerhunter and No Age, two bands I'm pretty high on. Unfortunately the majority of the day, much like the majority of the summer, was intense rain and thunder storms. By the time it had cleared up I was due at work for a light Sunday night session of loading footage until 10:30pm.

Any additions to your Netflix queue?

I added "Venus", the movie Peter O'Toole won an Oscar for a few years back? At least I think he did?  From what very little I know about it, the plot seems to revolve around a once renowned actor looking back over the span of his career and reflecting on how he got to where he is now (then). Or I could be totally wrong. Which is probably the case as I've read almost next to nothing about the movie. It got an add due to it being mentioned in casual comparison to the new movie "Funny People" on my favorite podcast, Filmspotting.

How's that big life decision going?

Shitty. Great. I'm not sure.

What's the single most annoying thing you had to deal with this weekend?

I would have to say the masses of youth around the East Village Saturday night. I was simply trying to make my way to the subway but was forced down the gauntlet of 3rd ave, faced on each side with short summer skirts on 'eh' gals, and just armies of loud drunken guys who seemed better suited for frat row. I felt like a grandfather as they flowed about me, not even bother to glance at this decrepit old man. There are a lot of things in the world that make me feel old. But fuming over gangs of people out to get drunk on a Saturday night really make me feel ancient. Oh, and sorry about the 'eh' girls comment. But I mean it.

What was the biggest disappointment of the weekend?

Definitely not making it to the show in Williamsburg. I'd been looking forward to it all week. Love No Age, was excited to see Deerhunter, and I lament the fact I've yet to be to a Pool Party show this summer.

Review a movie, tv episode, book, article, restaurant (or meal) or sporting event in one sentence (the one sentence part is pretty loose).

Really hoping to see "Flame & Citron" this week at Sunshine Cinemas; I've been waiting on it's release as it looks great.

Did you leave your town?


What was the funniest thing you heard or saw this weekend?

Not wildly funny, but when flashing my Maine I.D. (I'll never give it up) at a bar the other night one of the three bouncers asked if I wanted to take his Maine quiz. It consisted of naming the capital, the highest point in the state, the most North-Easterly point of the state and in closing, the most famous civil war soldier from the state. This bouncer was not from Maine it turned out. So slightly awkward that he had the answers to all these. Luckily, so did I. Suck it Bar None.

Just throw something out there.  Anything.  Anything at all.

This is my second summer in New York. After the first, which was spent primarily indoors at work, or indoors at home nursing a series of severe hangovers on the occasional day off, I promised myself that this summer would be different. Before moving to New York I worked on the Cape and before that the coast of Maine. My summers are supposed to be spent outdoors. We're now in August and I've spent no more than a handful of days in the park, certainly none anywhere near a beach. Well I did make it to Coney Island once, but all I got from that was a persistent foot rash. I'm as lily white as I was on Christmas Day and I've yet to see the outside of the Island, so to speak. New York is great, I love it here, but I'm beginning to realize that a big part of this place is fooling yourself. Telling yourself that this is the year you move out on your own. The year you spend less time in bars. The year you get in shape, etc. Living in New York seems to be about telling yourself that NOW you'll finally do that thing that makes you feel better. And then just telling yourself over and over until the year has passed. I'm going to remain positive about my chances for a tan this year. We've still got some good months ahead of us. And I'm still going to believe that come Fall I'll manage to get out to the countryside somehow and pick apples/pumpkins/whatever else needs picking while breathing that crisp country air. Ah, but to dream.

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