Monday Hangover - 6.1.09

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peterotoole.jpg• What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

Honestly, all I really wanted to do this weekend was help get some animals adopted on Saturday and keep it sober until hitting the Bolt Bus to Philly to check out UPenn and butter up the admissions peeps. But noooo, I had to get partially wasted and endure two hours on the rooftop of 230 5th Saturday night while watching the cash in my wallet take a hike.  Did I mention I'll be unemployed come this Friday? Well, at least we got some pooches and kitties to good homes. I think I still feel good about myself...

• Any updates to your Netflix queue?

Just finished Lawrence of Arabia, all 3 hours, 47 minutes, 2 intermissions and credits of it. Ah, Peter O'Toole in his pre-cocaine heyday. Glorious.

• How's that major life decision going?

Oh super, really great. I've basically realized that upon letting my hairdresser in Arizona bleach the shit outta my hair my IQ and general intelligence has gone down substantially.  How do I know this?  I couldn't even remember what an isosceles triangle was until my GRE Crash Course book explained it.  Hello veterinary school???....more like pre-school.

• Which story from the current news cycle is bugging you?

Rafael Nadal lost in the fourth round of the French Open. To a Swede. Someone explain this to me.

• What was the single most annoying thing you had to deal with this weekend?

230 5th rooftop lounge. Let's just say the backs of my legs and new GAP sandals (okay, they were only 15 bucks but it's the principle of the thing) got a totally awesome showering of vodka soda, scotch on the rocks and wine as a result of apparently appearing invisible to the various crowds of meat heads decked out in freshly starched collared "going out" shirts and slicked up with copious amounts of hair gel strutting about in search of females who would actually find their 'roid-ness sexy.

• What was the biggest disappointment of the weekend?

I'll go with not being able to adopt Gil, an 8 month old orange tabby from the Center for Animals Care & Control adoption van.  Le meow.  Le sigh.

• Review a TV Episode, Movie, Book, Article, Restaurant (or Meal), or Sporting event in one sentence?

1. Omar Sharif was one hot Arab back in Lawrence of Arabia.
2. Yucca Bar in the East Village has delicious sangria.

• Did you leave your town?

I'm writing you sweet, beloved Steve's Word readers from Philadelphia. And yes, I've already consumed a scrumptious cheesesteak.

• What's the funniest thing you heard or saw this weekend?

Susan Boyle in the news again. God love that woman, she crazy.

• What's the unfunniest thing you witnessed this weekend?

There might be nothing worse than when someone in the public spectrum steals one of your running jokes.  I've had this running joke about the ridiculous Killers' lyric "are we human or are we dancers," and then it showed up in a Gawker column over the weekend.  Ugh.  What a travesty.

• Did you do anything this weekend you've never done before? If, "yes", summarize in one sentence.

Yes, I forgot to brush my teeth all day Saturday and it was horrible.

• "Just throwing that out there." Go ahead, just throw something out there. Anything. Anything at all.

I'm currently being subjected to a marathon of cartoon shows by my friend Lindsay who is now asleep with the TV on which means I can change the chan--oh wait, now she's awake. Dammit.

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    Some of the funniest stuff I've read in a long time! Gotta meet this girl...blonde hair and all!

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