Monday Hangover - 5.4.09

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short_cutsWhat were you most looking forward to this weekend?

The highlight of my weekend was supposed to be seeing my friend's band "Black Taxi" play at Mercury Lounge on Saturday. This would be their second headlining show there in the past couple months, and also the second time they'd sold it out. Clearly my use of 'supposed to be' would lead one to the correct assumption I did not make the show. Stupid (really lovely) Steve's Word people made me get DRUNK Friday night, effectively rendering me useless all weekend.

Any additions to your netflix queue?

Apparently after the above referenced evening with what I believe comprises the majority of the Steve's Word staff I decided to add the collected works of Robert Altman. I don't think he was discussed once that night nor did the conversation ever touch on anything more profound than whether it was acceptable to mix jaggermeister and tequila.I guess I just wanted to pretend that something positive could come out of the night. It looks like I also added Hot Rod. Go figure. Let's be honest, that'll get pushed to the top of the queue while Short Cuts languishes at the bottom for a few months before finally being axed altogether.

How's that big life decision going?

I guess it's going pretty well. I just moved into my first studio so though there's been no life decision there has certainly been a substantial life alteration. (Little note for the ladies: it's a NICE studio...Plenty of room to entertain if you follow me. Sex. I'm hinting at sex.)

What story from the current news cycle is bugging you?

I can't immediately think of a specific new story. I mean, I think we're all pretty sick of the swine flu thing, right? Though my friend had a pretty good line involving it this morning. Basically it centered around having wine flue. LOLZ. That's all preamble to my saying that this particular article bugged me: I mean, Manohla Dargis? I got a memo for you, lady. Shit or get off the pot. A friend and I always text each other after her Friday reviews - well, I text him, he never responds - to discuss. Typical review: "Generic blockbuster left me a mixture of emotions; my soul is full of artistic cravings... The great Romanian philosopher Lucian Blaga once enumerated the obstacles man faces in truly knowing his God. Much like Arthur C. Miller's lens captured in 1942's "How Green Was My Valley". And then Pineapple Express ended." On the record, I wiki'd all those names and titles. I'm not very smart. I would like to recommend people check out Wesley Morris from the Boston Globe. The man is witty, insightful and doesn't mind actually reviewing a film. Shout out, Boston!

What's the single most annoying thing you had to deal with this weekend?

This was my first weekend off in awhile so it was, as the kids say, all gravy baby.

What was the biggest disappointment of the weekend?

Definitely would be NOT going to see my friend's band. I went to bed Saturday night mildly depressed at the realization that the prospect of trudging into Manhattan for a show starting at midnight was too daunting for me. To age is to die every day, or something. I ended up having dreams alternating between performing mundane revisions to the Wal-Mart spots I've been working on and my friends from the band sort of floating around like the Golden Gods they are while I sat on a cement wall. Just turned up the Ryan Adams.

Review a movie, tv episode, book, article, restaurant (or meal) or sporting event in one sentence (the one sentence is pretty loose).

Just read the "My First New York" article in New York Magazine; I found it to be sort of moving actually. All those shared experiences, Terkel-esque.

Did you leave your town?

Certainly not. I didn't leave my neighborhood. But my hood is the best hood. Big up, Park Slope!



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    Don't loose the 'Short Cuts!' It really is one of his more entertaining films. Maybe just shuffle it somewhere into the middle of your stack so that you forget it and then you get a good suprise when it arrives at your door.

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    May I recommend you replace 'Short Cuts' with 'Short Kuttz', a hip-hopera/erotic film made by myself and my business partner, Slim Kutta.

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