Monday Hangover - 5.11.09

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ketchup.jpg• What were you most looking forward to this weekend?

QT with the BF.  Ok, who am i kidding?  Just really good, hot sex.

• Any updates to your Netflix queue?

Bride Wars went from 'short wait' to 'now'!  Also, I decided to remove movies that I have seen because I know that I will get bored 5 minutes in.

• How's that major life decision going?

It's been decided, it is in the implementation stage.

• Which story from the current news cycle is bugging you?

Bristol Palin as spokesperson for the prevention of teenage pregnancy.  Wow, I guess she is picking up at minute 16 from her mother.

• What was the single most annoying thing you had to deal with this weekend?

People showing up 2 hours late for Mother's Day when I managed to be on time while traveling the farthest distance.

• What was the biggest disappointment of the weekend?

Not working out Saturday (and barely Sunday) because of Friday night's antics.  However,  it was fun to hang with old friends.

• Review a TV Episode, Movie, Book, Article, Restaurant (or Meal), or Sporting event in one sentence?

The final episode of Scrubs was sad but ended on a high note.  a little too long with the peter gabriel-montage at the end but outtakes were nice.

• Did you leave your town?

Yes, it was Mother's Day, she doesn't live with me.  Could you imagine that?

• What's the funniest thing you heard or saw this weekend?

My niece pooping like a dog on the rug because she OD-ed on Carvel and sprinkles.  Hey, who hasn't been there?

• What's the unfunniest thing you witnessed this weekend?

Molly walking in on Matt taking a whiz then whizzing herself.  Am i crazy or did anyone else think that was odd?  Matt walked out of there looking VERY violated.

• Did you do anything this weekend you've never done before? If, "yes", summarize in one sentence.

Actually, there were three things this weekend that i had never done before: I watched a  stripper perform in the window of the biker bar I ended up in Friday night, I found a parking spot in the center of Soho on a bustling Sunday, and I was served red wine in a youth center gymnasium by a crazy kid in lederhosen.  Wild times indeed.

• "Just throwing that out there." Go ahead, just throw something out there. Anything. Anything at all.

I have hated ketchup my whole life and I'm glad that there's finally a president for me.  In fact, I hope this inspires a whole generation of Americans to say no to ketchup.  It's time that we end its tyranny on our hamburgers, our french fries, and our meatloaf.  And let's not forget its insidious infiltration into our deli sections via its association with mayonnaise.  It's time for all of us to stand against ketchup.  It's time we say "enough."


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    YES WE CAN put mustard on our burgers! i really HOPE people can make the PROGRESSion from ketchup to mustard as well.

  • 2

    Yes, the Matt/Molly bathroom event was odd. Matt looked as though he had seen a ghost.

  • 3

    I love me the ketchup AND the mustard on my burgers! Can't we all get along? Lets tolerate our differences and celebrate our diversity of condiment choices.

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