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three_philosophers.jpgEditor's note: So you've been following the first annual Steve's Word Beer Bracket closer than your dwindling bank account and maybe you've been wondering just who on earth are these jerks spouting their opinions and passing judgement on all these beers.  Well, we're here to answer that very question: You've seen the bracket, now get to know your Bracketeers.

Avery Booker

This Texan is the most seasoned Steve's Word contributor among our bracketeers, which makes him really busy and important.  He has lead an exceptionally well-traveled life; he has extensive expertise and knowledge of all things Chinese, and it is this intermingling of Eastern class with Texan crass that makes him so adept at weighing the worth of a pint.  Yes, this Texanese is the prototype of all beer experts, and that's the reason the Steve's Word editors forced him to publish under his own name for this exercise even though most of Mr. Booker the Elder's work for the site has been written under a pseudonym. 

white_label-hoegaarden.jpgMitchell Frye

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Mitchell grew up with a 40oz OE in hand and a Chimay Red in his back pocket.  "Looking street smart while also acting sophisticated were everyday life for me," says Mitchell on growing up ghetto while attending private school.  It was a delicate balancing act but he pulled it off until retreating to the University of Colorado-Boulder for film school where his beer experience grew exponentially. His fiery passion to get as drunk as often as he could along with Colorado's bevy of microbrews and the convenience of a grocery store completely dedicated to alcohol, Mitchell's beer palate was refined and shaped into the expert he is today. Critically analyzing avant garde films wasn't the only skill he acquired in Boulder. Over the years, Weiss beers have grown to be a favorite and Yuengling holds a special place due to its cheapness and Costco availability. Tainted by years of Brooklyn living, Mitchell currently consumes a great deal of PBR and various Mexican beers based on Bodega popularity. Beer Bracket '09 is the perfect opportunity for Mitchell to return to his glory days of drinking a wide variety of beers and speaking arrogantly about Stan Brakhage films

Elle Scootshopdevil_label.jpg

Hailing from Philadelphia, Elle is the only beer bracketeer who openly wears a bra and shaves her legs. Being from the city of Brotherly Love gives “The Girl” two important advantages in the beer drinking world; first, Philly’s beer selection kicks NYC's ass and second, Philadelphians frequently attempt to shed their sixth borough complex by drowning it with said beer selection.  Elle’s first interest in beer was initially sparked by drunken high school nights in finished basements but matured when she tasted Newcastle, the first beer she drank that didn’t come in a 30-pack of cans. Since then she has had many years of quality beer drinking, including six years of avoiding full time employment, a short stint living over seas in a city with no open liquor laws, and most recently, Philly Beer Week 2009.  Her fave brews include Victory Hop Devil cask conditioned, Dogfish 90 minute, and Philly Brewing Company’s Kensinger, just to name a (local) few.  When asked to describe Elle’s drinking ability, one friend fondly responded “If American Idol was picked up by VH1 and changed to Drinking Idol, Elle would totally win.”

dalesChase Booker

Chase's job title recently changed from "student" to "unemployed," and as such he has more time than ever to think about beers.  As the youngest of the beer bracketeers, he has perhaps the least man-hours devoted to drinking; nevertheless, he is given to armchair beer snobbery and thus a fair amount of his leisure time and spare cash go toward fancy or semifancy beers chosen more or less at random, so his experience spreads far and wide.  He was also supposed to have a different bracket, but Mitchell took it.


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    How'd you fit a whole Chimay Red in your back pocket, Mitchell? They're huge! Did you wear JNCOs™?!

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    seems like a bunch of riff-raff if you ask me.

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    riff-raff indeed

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    It was a metaphorical back pocket. RIFF RAFF my ASS!!!

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    Mitchell is right. Riff-raffs don't use metaphors.

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