End of The Decade Extravaganza Kick-Off

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End of The Decade Extravaganza Kick-Off

The end of 2009 is nearly upon us, and with it comes the end of the Aughts, or the Naughties as we like to call them.  Yes, it's been quite the decade these last ten years; we don't think any one can argue against the wealth of triumph, pain, genius and depravity that we've seen in the last ten years.  But, everyone is saying this, aren't they?  Aren't they all talking about how the decade was something, and that something is probably a list of great films or books or albums or performances.  Maybe it's a collection of events and developments that changed the way we saw the world and altered drastically the way we interact with it.  For some, the only way to asses the end of something is to make a list of its pieces, because in those pieces a picture of the whole comes into focus.

Well, we're not everyone here at Steve's Word and our End of Decade extravaganza is mostly light on lists, though a couple have snuck through because, well, they're not all bad.  But, those removed, we're not going to list for you our favorite movies, tv shows, albums, video games, websites, youtube videos or moments of political import.  Instead, we're gonna do something else: build a narrative of the decade we all grew up in through personal essays devoted to the subjects and arenas that changed the most.  For as big as this decade's advancements may have been, and we're talking bi-ig, they still affect us purely personally and that's the heart that we're trying to get at.  Some others may be able to prattle on with highfalutin tones about the advent of the cell phone, but for us, it's a new development in our quest to get through life, one day and one fucked up plan at a time.  So, we've put together some thoughts on the things that made our lives different with the hope that a picture of the Aughts might become clear through our collective recollection of the decade we all grew up.

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